Anyone in Nebraska??

Any riders in Nebraska, or are all of you too afraid of hills to own a moped, well and other idiots on the road?

Re: Anyone in Nebraska??

Raymond Rexroad /

Obviously, more than you know.

Re: Anyone in Nebraska??

There's a few of us in Lincoln. Mostly bartenders, we're either at O'Rourke's, Duffy's or the Zoo Bar. If you're ever in Lincoln on a Saturday night, stop by the Zoo Bar and say hi. I'll be the bartender with dredlocks, name's Tony.

Re: Anyone in Nebraska??

i'm from nebraska. but i refuse to go back..

Re: Anyone in Nebraska??

Awesome, i'll swing by when im there next time.

Re: Anyone in Nebraska??

Just saw the post......Im in lincoln, e-mail me if your ever in town or stop by my shop Brewer's auto service on 19th and P. Always looking for people to ride with.

Re: Anyone in Nebraska??


Re: Anyone in Nebraska??

Hi, anybody interested in buying a great classic Honda PA50?

$400 runs great though does not idle well, need to keep goosing it a bit.

E-mail me if interested

Lincoln Ne

Re: Anyone in Nebraska??

I'm not afraid of any hills!

Lincoln Or Omaha hills.

I say bring it on.

But on a more serious note Omaha and Lincoln Need to get together soon for a BBQ, riding and some moped talk!

I vote at Brewers Auto Service in Lincoln, He has more tools and knowledge than you will ever need.

Plus a good looking Webber Grill and a parking lot!

Not to mention Lincoln Cops know nothing about the moped laws so when they ask or harass us we tell them them what the laws are.

Seriously it has happened.

And we need more people to ride with here in Lincoln.

Our collection is growing but not fast enough.

Lets do this.

Re: Anyone in Nebraska??

No offense to the people of Nebraska, but I F**king HATE that state, solely for the fact that it takes so god damn long to drive though. I was on a bus ride, and was drinking all night, we all passed out later that night just after we got into the state, and then woke up many hours later being like halfway through it! WTF

I though IL was a long drive...

Re: Anyone in Nebraska??


It is long, flat and pretty boring.

No Offense taken.

its still no excuse for the states crappy behavior towards you and your bus trip and I apologize for the inconvenience this mediocre state has brought you!

Trust me Its better on a moped!

Re: Anyone in Nebraska??

Yeah, moped in one of its cities would be nice, but I would never ride a moped through the state, even the short way. Nothing to look at besides flat areas, and some rolling hills. Fun for a while, but gets boring real fast.

Re: Anyone in Nebraska??

Edward Richardson /

My band played a concert up in Falls City, NE last year and it was storybook. We camped out in the local park and had a great time, the people were friendly, and we got paid, which was really nice.

Re: Anyone in Nebraska??

lets do this and have a moped get togeder, im down to do some monkeying around on my puch and to check out the local bar scene.

Re: Anyone in Nebraska??

Hey Nebraska! I want to play! Let's pick a weekend and have a ride in Lincoln! I'm in York for the summer, let's do it!

Re: Anyone in Nebraska??

Nebraska get with this guy you will not regret it

Phil the dudes from Lincoln rock and have super comfy handle bars

oh yea and nele rocks

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