Ride to Ikes ride.

Is there anybody out there who is going on Ikes ride, see "a few good men and women wanted" who will be passing through Chillicothe Ohio on their way there? If so, let me know if you would have extra room to cary an extra person and moped there.

Kevin Harrell


Re: Ride to Ikes ride.


Don-O is going to ride his ped from his house to my house for the ride which is almost 100 miles!! And then go on a nother 80 mile ride with us, and then ride the nearly 100 miles home!! What a guy!!!!

You could do that! Chilicothe is not that far!!! "Just kidding". but i do hope you can get here someway?

Don-o did say he was going to ride his ped all the way here!! I don`t doubt that? He has ridden here befor!!

Hope to see ya!


Re: Ride to Ikes ride.

Damn I mis don-o Wish I oculd make it to the ride!

Re: Ride to Ikes ride.

damnit, i cant dfind the post.... when is your ride again, ike?? i have been on vacation forever it seems and have been kind of out of the loop! take care!


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