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I recently read the notes about molasses used to remove rust from a gas tank.

I have alot of rust scum in my tank which I have removed from the bike and emptied.

Am I to believe that molasses (Diluted how much?) left in the tank will remove it? Fred seemed to write that he submerged the whole tank so the mixture would "work" on both the inside and the outside... Does it remove the paint? the decals? How do I get the molasses residue out of the tank afterwards? How long to I leave the tank in the "bath"?

Does this really work???

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Well remember that I didn't do the molasses deal.

I know 3 people now who HAVE done it in the last 4 months..

I pasted 2 of their versions here.

Use the search button above and enter 'molasses' ... that should take you to the 2 or 3 threads about it.

Read both the versions I copied... they answer all your questions .. Its very clear that it works.. both the guys said they were surprised at how great it worked ... and the ratios of molasses to water are stated on the one thread .. approx. 7 parts water to 1 part 'blackstrap' molasses.. (which you can buy at some food stores for less than $5).

If you have the time to wait 2 weeks or so ... I'd do it in a heartbeat .. (and I am going to do my PA this winter .. cuzz 2 inline fuel filters don't stop the rust crud from getting into my carb.)

If you'd rather wait till winter like me ... then buy a PAPER filter inline fuel filter (unlike mine) ... I do believe that will stop the rust crud from getting to the carb ...

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Thanks, Fred.

Where do you live? I'm in Southeast Mich.

I'd like to get this beast rolling soon so I probably won't wait til winter. The residue is heavy so I don't know if a filter would work.

I may check e-bay to see if I can find another tank???


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I hate to seem like a dummy but I can't figure how to open the attachments you said you sent. I can't even see where they might be...


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Well I didn't say anything about 'attachments'.

Look above .. see the word 'search' in the gray bar ? .. click that .. when you get there type in 'molasses' .. then change the 'time window' to 90 days .. click search ..

It will bring up 20 or so posts with that word in them .. read the ones with my name and you will find the two written accounts by others I pasted here.

here's the main one >


Re: gunk in da gas '78 Hobbit

that was supposed to be hyper-linked .. try again

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