Please Help!!...Need Motobecane Rings real bad...

I was re-assembling the engine on my '77 Motobecane and accidentally broke a ring. The ring is the "GI" type (post 1976). I am going to order a piston set from one of the online moped vendors, but I was wondering if anyone could hook me up with a set of rings pronto. I was getting the bike ready for my son to take back with him next week to his home in VA, but if I don't get a set of rings within the next few days, he'll have to wait a few months to get the bike. He has been working on the bike with me at my home in NJ for the last 3 weeks, so we were real disappointed when the ring snapped at the last second. We would have had it finished today had it not been for the ring snapping.

If anyone can help out, my son and I would be most appreciative. I can even PayPal you the money ASAP.



Re: Please Help!!...Need Motobecane Rings real bad

if you order them from the mopedjunkyard, they will be there almost next day, because you live so close. They have excellent shipping. Also, mopedwarehouse is located in NJ so they should ship really quickly too.

may get your rings on tue. the 6th

kevin dennng /

larry I'm going to bills in michindiana sp? on tue the 6 th. do you want to have me pick up a set of rings then? I can send them out the same day !!! US mail next day? give me a call at (269) 385- 2264 new code for this part of Mi

if not let me know either way :-)) PEACE KEV AT 4:20

Re: may get your rings on tue. the 6th


Thanks for your most generous offer. I'm waiting to hear back from Chris at MWH. I think that may be my best to get the rings before my son leaves for the summer to VA.

I really do appreciate your offer to help. If all else fails, I'll email you directly. You're a scholar and a gentleman!


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