How to adjust timing on a Sachs?

Brock Zurcher /

I have a sachs p1 ('79 model) and I would like to know how to adjust the timing on it? any help would be apriciated.

points and timing

Don't know a Sachs well.. but these are general instructions for points ignitions.


The next most likely cause of bad running are dirty or mis-adjusted ignition points..... to clean them you need some fine grit sand paper (like 400 grit), a piece of clean paper, some scissors, and some aerosol brake cleaner or carb cleaner and some compressed air with a blow nozzle....... remove the ignition cover and look for the points in one of the holes in the flywheel.... lay the bike over on its side and sit on a milk crate or something to get comfortable... then cut some thin strips of sandpaper.... pry the points open with a small screwdriver and stick the piece of sandpaper in between the points and let them close.... then pull the sandpaper out.... do this several times to each side.... now pry the points open and blow them off with compressed air... then spray them with the cleaner.... then cut a strip of the clean paper and pry the points open again and drag the paper thru a few times.... blow them off again with air while open.... now they should be good...


Find the timing mark's on the outside of the flywheel....There is usually a T mark and an F mark..... T means the piston is at TDC (top dead center)... F is the spot when the spark plug should fire.... You want to see if the points open when the F mark on the flywheel passes by the mark on the engine case....(there should be a mark on the engine case somewhere near the flywheel)..... that is the timing and to set it accurately you would need special tools or take it to a shop to have it set....... But... if it looks like it opens when the marks line up your timing is probably good enough... If it looks like the points are not opening when the F mark lines up with the mark on the engine... then loosen the points screw and move the points a bit till they are JUST opening when those marks line up.

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