Honda PC-50 Side Cover

Henrietta Evans /

Hi- I need a side cover for my PC50. My bike is Sky Blue. Can anyone help? Thanks, in advance.

Henrietta Evans


Re: Honda PC-50 Side Cover

ItsLookingUp /

That's a nice looking ped. You will have better results if you post these two requests in Buy/Sell.

Re: Honda PC-50 Side Cover

Henrietta, see Frank K's posting: "I made my own fairings.' One way to make side covers is to take a drawing or template, then use fibreglas mat and resin and hardener. Make it larger so you can trim it when dry. Use auto body filler to smooth out the waffles, prime and paint. Another way is to go to a signmaker, and get him to cut you a piece of thick plastic. Use washers (rubber over top of steel) as spacers. Not perfect, but on a galloping horse no one will notice.

Re: Honda PC-50 Side Cover

that takes to long. Just go to ebay and type in honda pc50. Theres a boat load of parts for sale right now. It pains me to tell you this because I myself and bidding on some of them soon. If you type that in every week or so, sooner or later your part might be up for sale. I just bought that piece off ebay 2 days ago. If its not up for sale, ask the guy if hes going to sell it in the future.


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