Maine Swarms

It was really nice yesterday, and Russ S. stopped over my house for a quick visit, I called Monkey, and we went out for a ride.

Russ was on his Pugueot and Monkey and I were on the QT-50's

I'm not sure what year Russ's bike was, but it held 30+ most of the time, while we were struggling to hold 25-28...

Eurobike vs. Jap bike..... easy win, for sure.

Makes me want to do some BASIC mods to the QT's. Maybe an airbox mod, maybe a chainsaw exhause pipe....

I'll show "Russ the Speed Demon" a thing or two once my QT's doing 33mph.... hehe hehe

we had three mopeds and rode to the state park, Fort Williams, saw a nice lighthouse, looked at the ocean.... was still hot even next to the bay.

No one gave us hassles in traffic--- I felt a LOT safer with three riders. More visibility in the swarm.

On the way home Monkey treated us to Slush and Strawberry shakes... he's a good monkey.

We saw another moped too..... a Mo-Babe riding it! a nice yellow bike, and she was moving right along. Monkey is too new to recognize the brand, I wonder if Russ caught it. I kind of wanted to go follow her, tell her to come here if her bike breaks down.

Gotta get some cards printed with the moped army weblink on it.

On Saturday, we have tentative plans for a larger swarm. Russ, his wife and his friend, Monkey, and Myself. My wife will probably come too, but she'll have to ride a scooter and bring up the rear.... Monkey isn't allowed on the scooters, and I haven't fixed the TOMOS yet.

if things "fall into place" we will have 6 50cc machines on the road, 5 will be MOPEDS!!!!

So awesome. Plus, there have been reported sightings of three other mopeds. Russ's dad called him to give him a "heads up" that one of his bikes may have been stolen--- but it wasn't.... so theres one more rider out there....

the cute gothic college chick on the express, the gril on the yellow moped, and another sighting of two others (from the description my friend gave they sounded like NC-50's (expresses).

Too bad the riding season is so short. I expect we'll be submitting for a branch review by next spring at the latest. We'll have a few BBQ's and schedule some longer rides, and go out recruiting as much as possible.

We also plan to contact the Casco Bay weekly, a free magazine that is full of 'counterculture" and I bet they would do an article to help Maine mopeders link up.

So, saturday, Maine just might see a 6-bike swarm. SO COOL!!!!!

Plus, I have to post some pics of my new scooters, the pics of the scanned QT manual, and I'm thinking of doing a "Time-Lapse" mpeg of a moped ride.... keep it really short, but it should look pretty darn cool.


Re: Maine Swarms

Cool. Sounds like a good time had by all.

Re: Maine Swarms

So, how'd your second swarm go?

I've been pestering people in my area, and nobody else wants to go and ride. Met a guy with a zuma, and he's gotten pulled over a few times, so he's kind of gun shy to go riding. He needs to renew his tags, and that's like $50.....

I feel kinda bad- I still haven't messed with Wynnith's moped.... Other things going on, and he hasn't called me in a while.

Re: Maine Swarms

We're going to schedule rides.... that way, we know "when" way ahead of time.. those who can go, will, and if someone misses a day, oh well.

I wanted to ride with Russ this weekend, but I ended up testing the new exhaust on the scooter.... I did run into him, and his friend.... (Doh! Can't remember his name...)

Spent a lot of time on the garage and cellar, and went to the 4:00 show of 8-legged freaks (do yourself a favor and wait for video--!)

So, ... hopefully next weekend, and maybe I can talk the wife into preparing a BBQ dinner for Russ, Monkey, and Russ's wife and/or friend....whoever goes.

and I keep seeing that girl on her little moped... (not the gothic girl, this one is blond and has a yellow moped. I got a better look at it, but still didn't get the brand.

I think it's a Euro, not a Jap... from the styling.

I need to connect with the CBW (free local publication) and get them to run an ad or an article to help mopeders connect locally... maybe get a picture of 3 or 4 of us on mopeds for the cover....

It's a counter culture free magazine, so it should hit the target audience.

Re: Maine Swarms

im slowly getting together a big group ride in, my brother, 3 of my friends and my brothers friends. 7 people, all mopeds. ne1 else wanna go post what town you live in...the people that i ride with live in athol, royalston, orange, and winchondon. anyone lives near there speak up and we'll get an ever bigger group going


Re: Maine Swarms

wayne I meet that girl we saw on the yellow moby, I sold her brother my motobecanes...

I got her email too.

Re: Maine Swarms

Russ... that's awesome. I haven't seen that other girl... I bet her other lights stopped working, and she put it away. She was the one on the old honda express.

Damn those junk 1980 batteries... and rectifiers. two of my mopeds have batteries.... that's stupid---- more mess and wiring hassle.... just so a light can turn "green" before you actually start the bike...

"Oh...loook the little green light says "start" wow. but adding a battery with no electric start.... c'mon... one way or the other.

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