Drinking new Vino

FWIW, I picked up a new Yamaha Vino yesterday. The silver paint looks phenomenal, and I keep doing double-takes to be sure I'm not seeing a Vespa before me. This bike seems to testify that Yamaha, at least, if not other Japanese bikes, are incredibly adept at derivative styling of European originals..that must be old news here, though.

A couple of post-delivery adjustments that I don't know how to fix:

1. The high beam pattern is up in the trees, though the low is just where it should be...since it is a single bulb design, is there a set of adjustments for internal headlamp reflectors?

2. The throttle has 1/2 lateral play..is there a simple way to tighten it?

3. Where can one buy the utilitarian cargo baskets? My dealer said they aren't being shipped?

The bike rides great, more comfort than sport. Once I get through the break in period, I'll probably modify the exhaust (washer removal).

I hope I get better reliability out of this motor than my 1978 Magnum MK2 (Puch) or Motobecayne.



Re: Drinking new Vino

I rode one around the block once. I loved it. Lots of pick up, smooth and a great look. I wouldn't mind one myself. bruce

Re: Drinking new Vino

I had a Yamaha 50cc Jazz for some time. I had great luck with it and it gave me few problems. Be careful when you take the plastic pieces apart. The little clips that hold the pieces together have a tendancy to break easily.

New Vino (No Pic?)

some of us are lazy, you know.

How about a pic?

sounds like a nice whine (get it.... Vino.... Wine... small engines "whine" get it? Get it?)

har har.

post a pic, ya slacker!

Re: New Vino (No Pic?)

Matt Wilson /

There isn't much you can do about the lights. You can adjust their angle, but there is still a big jump between the low and high beams

There should be a barrell adjuster at the carburator to adjust cable tension. Bring it back to the dealer if you are unsure of yourself.

I don't know anything about baskets or crates, but search oline. I know they are availible.

And if you want more top speed you can remove the white plastic washer in your variator. There's a website called Provoscooter.com or something like that which details how to do this. With the washer removed you'll get 35mph or so.


Re: Drinking new Vino

You may find an adjustment for your throttle cable directly underneath the throttle handle.

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