Re: What got you into mopeds??

oh yea.

this is the daily rider.


Re: What got you into mopeds??

BryAn eurism /

Late June 2002. ramp party, keg of beer, many blue pills, possibly Xanax too, anyway had to pee, bike against garage wall, house owner says take it, roomie still waiting for $20, don't remember who or where. No more ask drive me, all I care!


Myron's ride 3, Hercules slooow, meet guru/targa/myron, like ride sachs no money fix, buy Tomos more fun ride, no work & myron need shiny chrome, that 2004

2005 see creature fall down!

'06 derbis on catalina.whoo

07 no find squids.

08 flock fun ride, need record more moped song

Re: What got you into mopeds??

to be truely honest... it was mopeds that saved me from suicide. i wouldn't be here today, if it weren't for a blue 1978 Motobecane Cady.

a moped saved my life.

Re: What got you into mopeds??

So what you're saying is mopeds literally saved your life?!

Re: What got you into mopeds??

3 Words: Cheap Chinese Scooter

1 Person: Mike Peters break> 1 Bike:

Started with Scooter Meetups a couple of weeks later I showed up and everyone had mopeds, a couple of months later we had 8 in our basement, a couple of months later there is 1 working Puch, 1 Re-Designing Batavus, and 1 Busted ass Puch whose Cafe bars I might steel next week.

Re: What got you into mopeds??

rescue mission to pick up amanda malm and her husband while hanging out with her brother isaac. loaded it up into the truck, and couldnt get it out of my head.

simmered, then boiled, then i jumped right in and bought my peugeot 102 cause it looked like what i had in mind. now 5 months later im here.

Re: What got you into mopeds??

My grandpa rode a Solex 3800 and ROG Pony Express (like the one I have in my profile here).

My father rode my grandpa Solex 3800 and has it's own ROG Pony Express (which is mine now).

I ride my father's ROG and I'm in the process of restoring my grandpa Solex 3800.

I guess that mopeds are a family matter for me. :)

Re: What got you into mopeds??

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

Started out building this agglomeration of parts to build my own motorized bicycle. I went from butchering a weed whacker engine to refitting a pocket bike motor to a bicycle in my journey. I still have the modified bicycle and engine waiting to be assembled and tried out. But mopeds sort of got in the way. During the whole thing I needed to do resarch about speed, gearing, power, etc. and stumbled upon this website. After a few weeks of reading, I considered the idea of buying a moped to supplement my creation and provide me with more reliable transportation.

Now I own five bikes and 4 in rebuild. They provide a welcome distraction to what would otherwise be a very busy and frustrating road to achieve my goals. I'm glad their along for the ride.

What got you into mopeds??

Had a couple of vespas, decided that spending 15k a year on parts and crap for them was the worst idea ever. Saw Peddy Cash Curt rolling down Belmont, bought a Foxi GT Sport the next day, sold one scooter, a month later sold another, an other month later sold the last.

Re: What got you into mopeds??

I came across this picture a few years ago while googling for "Cafe Racer" style motorcycles. It took me over a year and a lot of craigslist to find my magnum.

<a href=""; target="_blank"><img src=""; border="0" alt="puch magnum"></a>

Re: What got you into mopeds??

Sam Kronick is the first person I knew who had a moped and I saw pictures of his Bravo and thought it was pretty cute. Then Tim (treehugger) gave me a ride on his orange Mobylette a month or two ago, he even let me drive it alone on Van Ness, and I was completely hooked. Also Rocky had moped paraphernalia all over his living room (and an actual moped in someone's bedroom) and I thought it was pretty super neat.

Found my yellow Mobylette 50V a couple of weeks later on Ebay (I really wanted a Puch but this one was yellow, my favorite!); $150/nonrunning but started the first time I tried it. Waiting for Tim to get back and help me clean the carb, then I should be good to take on Boston!

God I love this moped, in my mind I call him French Fry because he's French and yellow.


Re: What got you into mopeds?? started when i was 12. One of my friends' dads had an old AMF roadmaster. At the time, all i wanted was something motorized to spin around on. I know it was dorky, and slow, but i didnt care. I didnt have a license for it, and my dad said no riding on the roads. Just wait. I couldnt. I rode it up and down my yard, making a long dirt streak where i kept going back and forth. It wasnt enough room. One saturday my parents were gone. I took it out on the streets. It was an amazing feeling. Wind against my face, buzzing along at 25 mph down my streets and neighborhood. Looking at all the envious stares of the children. Was bizzing and buzzing....then....a cop. He saw me. Saw no license. No helmet. and some little twerp on a moped. I got pulled over, warned, and the worst...he called my parents. Yep....well anyways i got a batavus starfite when i was 14, rode that to death all over. Got a magnum ltd (my first one). Sold that. Bought two mobys and a gadabout. Sold those, bought a tomos a3. SOld that. Bought another original Magnum ltd. Worked on it over the winter. Not done yet. Kitted, etc. I LOVE it. I love mopeds. I will never stray from the moped world. 6 years later I am a moped store operator, ebayer, and entrepreneuer. thank you mopeds.

Re: What got you into mopeds??

Shoot forgot the pic!

Re: What got you into mopeds??

I was tired of skating and riding the metro to skate spots... my moby! yay

Re: What got you into mopeds??

oh my gosh, how did you make that chain guard/side cover?!

Re: What got you into mopeds??

Yeah that thing is awesome!

Re: What got you into mopeds??

I love all the custom stuff rolling out everyday !

Re: What got you into mopeds??

Looking for a Honda Monkey Bike project, but the costs were too high. I found the Garelli for much less on Ebay, although all old bikes are now expensive. It's been a challenge to get it working without being AWOL from my wife & house chores for too long ;)

Re: What got you into mopeds??

welded steel

Re: What got you into mopeds??

I got a new job that was too far to walk to everyday. I was riding the bus at first but that took an hour because of the route. it only took me 45 minutes to walk. one of my buddies had a 77 tomos sport siting on his back patio rotting away and he was going to sell it to me. so it starts right up for me and i start cruising it. he sees how much fun i am having on it and he wants it back. cool with me(now i have someone to ride with), that when i found my puchie on ebay and had to have her. the tomos quit running when i gave her back, but i think its just karma. hopefully when it warms up we can get it running and riding. i now own 2 bimes my puchie and a targa lx. the tomos is my daily right now only cause of tuning issues. can't wait to get my maxi back on the road.


Re: What got you into mopeds??

i was really into road racing prepped hondas and super expensive naturally aspirated honda b-series engines.

that hobby was fading out, and one day Chris Stewart called me and was like, "dude, mopeds."

and that was it.

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