ATTN: Anthony or Chris of MWH

I keep emailing you guys about a new sprocket and speedometer for my Puch maxi, but you don't seem to be responding. Are you getting my emails? I sent it to

Anyways, what I need is a 30 tooth rear sprocket for a puch maxi, either spoke or mag wheel sprocket will fit (I have a set of each). If you don't have anything like that, I'd settle for a 36 tooth I also need a speedometer that goes to 40mph or faster that will work on a puch maxi.

I put the kit on my puch maxi II and it runs excellent! It gets up to top speed in about 5 or 6 seconds at half throttle! But the thing is, it only gets up to about 35 mph because it's geared way too low (18th front 45th rear).

Anyway, if you would get back to me on the sprocket and speedometer, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for all the help with the speed kits by the way. My brother's bike is up and running again and we did all the radiusing that we were supposed to do this time. :)

Re: ATTN: Anthony or Chris of MWH

Edge , i have the same problem. Dan

Re: ATTN: Anthony or Chris of MWH

how did you do the radiusing? I didn't on mine and it works fine ....

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The radiusing just involves enlarging the transfer ports and cutting additional intake ports into the crancase to match the cylinder base gasket (which matches the cylinder base). My brother didn't do this on his bike originally and the intake side of the piston got hot and scuffed.

Oh, and a note to everyone who wants to put these kits on the two speed bike, the bing carb doesn't fit if you have oil injection. The case itself even needs to be cut a little bit to make way for the fuel bowl. If you have oil injection, it's the stump that that bolts to that needs to be cut out. If you don't have oil injection, you still have the stump on the case, it just has no opening. it points up at a forward angle and is on the magneto part of the case. I had to cut mine out, leaving a hole going into the magneto. I just put epoxy over the hole.

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did the radiusing make much power increase?

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It didn't seem to make too much difference in performance, but it does help with the longevity of the engine.

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chris said it wasn't required. i might do it eventually

I have a 2 spd with Polini

Anthony MWH /

I originally ran it without having the ports matched for the first 800 or so miles. I finally did it last week, there is a better top end pull, and it needed more fuel, so I bumped it up one jet size. The powerbands feel alot different with my proma circuit.

Chris has a Polini kit on his Maxi. Its a 1 speed with the Leo pipe instead of the proma or biturbo. When you match the ports on the 1 speed I notice there is ALOT more power than compared to the 2 spd. U can cruize 40 mph with barely ANY throttle open. He beats my 2 spd hands down with the SAME sprokets. A 1 speed has better gearing ability for top end. But on the low end, the 2 spd cannot be TOUCHED with the polini kit on it. The accel is insane!

1 spd vs. 2 spd

on my newport L 1 speed there is a definate shifting at 15 mph. the engine will accelerate up to 15, then at 15, something engages, the rpm's drop for a second, then ou take off. Is this a common thing on one speeds?

btw i did the raiusing today. better acceleration and top end

Re: I have a 2 spd with Polini

XBrandon EdgeX /

Hahaha, the accelleration on the two speed IS insane! Mine pulls a wheelie when it shifts into 2nd! (lifts the tire about an inch or two off the ground, but still...) And that's at less than half throttle!!

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