why is moped superior?

I gave my students an extra credit question for their final exam. The question was: "Why is the moped a superior form of transportation?" Here are some of the most common answers, followed by some specific good ones:


You can buy a moped for the price of a parking sticker. [very popular answer!]

Mopeds get great gas mileage.

You can park them anywhere (e.g. bike rack).

They make less pollution.

They are very maneuverable.

"Swarm and Destroy!" [sometimes written as "Seek and Destroy!"]

"Because mopeds are fun! Quadrophenia is the best movie ever! Down with Rockers!"


RE: why is moped superior?

Simon King /

Wow. There are some really informed answers here...I assumed that they would just cop out and give some generic answer. I'm really impressed that they seem to know the difference between a moped and a scooter (except the Quadrophenia reference).

I wonder if this question and the research that some of them obviously did will cause anyone to buy a moped? Either way it shows that we've upped the awareness on the Western campus....

RE: why is moped superior?

yeah, i told them the week before the exam that the extra credit question would be moped-related. i also told them to get information at mopedarmy.com. several people referenced the site, and many even specified that i had a blue 1977 moped. so they did some research! a lot of them also quoted our motto (though most put down "seek and destroy" instead of the correct one! ';-)

RE: why is moped superior?

Reeperette /

~Mopeds have fully automatic transmission and hand controls, if you don't have the full use of both legs, you can still ride a moped.

~It's actually easier to fight from a moped than a motorcycle, since you really only need one hand to operate it, especially if you have put the rear brake and throttle both on the same side.

With a length of chain in the other hand, it ensures you can give a lesson to the jerk who just threw a brick at you with speed and efficiency.

~If you are unsatisfied with the job you've done in parking it, you can just pick the damn thing up and PUT it where you want - I'd like to see you do that with a 250cc Motorcycle.

~Most moped repairs can be done with a toolbox small enough to fix in one's saddlebags and can be accomplished in mere minutes, up to and including patching a flat.

~It is possible to fire a paintball gun accurately from a moped - nothing more humiliating to brick throwers or obnoxious auto owners than a couple of nice, big, PINK, ultra-neon dayglo splats on them or thier vehicle.

~Again, the simplicity of repair, you can dismount the entire engine and transmission assembly with (usually) three bolts, a cable and, two electrical connections, and just carry the whole damn thing into your workshop.


RE: why is moped superior?

free mosquito /

right on Miguel !!!!!

excellent assigment in order to enlighten the world on the power of mopeds !!!!

RE: why is moped superior?

Ron Brown /


Have you read "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance". Phaedrus got in big trouble asking his students odd questions.


RE: why is moped superior?

Yes, actually one of my students (the one who gave the last answer listed) also wrote that his answer was a "draft" based on the author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. So at least one of them made that connection as well ...

RE: why is moped superior?

Ron Brown /


I like that, he managed to wax poetic without answering the question. Political science major?


RE: why is moped superior?

Actually ... it was an intro to political science final ...

RE: why is moped superior?

Ron Brown /

In that case he deserved an A+.

RE: why is moped superior?

Joe britton /

Dude,me and my friend ride our mopeds everywhere,and we ride in style. My friend has got a german helmet with a bomber jacket and I've got the goggles and jean jacket with motorcycle patches all over it.

Re: why is moped superior?

Daniel Sorensen /

Hi miguel, i was the one with the jpeg picture wanted. Maybe the moped has a different name in your country, than in mine, you know like Vauxhall and Opel.

Well it

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