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put the stop/start/headlight switch back together last night after cleaning it all up.

Wrapped the ends of the wires that are exposed with a tiny bit of electrical tape too.

Just to make sure that no wires would touch each other.

The moped tried to kick over much more easily and the headlight worked.

But, now it began sending morse code.

As I twist the throttle, just past half way mark, the lights would shut off. Twist it back to the beginning and they turned on again.

Something is still loose.

So, that appears to be one problem identified.

Also, thought the 1991 TOMOS Golden Bullet had a cruise control feature. (-:

Instead, I think that the spring that twists the throttle back is not on correctly. It doesn't twist back to the beginning when you let go. I don't see a screw to remove the

How do I remove the throttle to get at that spring? Is it a spring?

After the moped ran for about 2 minutes it died.

Checked the plug.

Yup, its fouled, I think.

The previous owner disconnected the line to the oil pump and then to the intake. Sealed it up nicely too he said.

So, the fuel & oil mixture goes directly into the tank. He used to race ATV's and didn't like the concept of relying on a tiny oil pump.

Last time I thought the mixture was too lean so I added some more oil. It now looks a bit too black, wet, and sooty. Will take a photo and send it to you, eventually. Assuming I should just get a new plug. Strange looking spark plug. Has a screw cap on the top of it. Is that normal for a 1991 TOMOS? Assuming it will be available at any NAPA store?

As soon as I make some more time, I will drain the tank and try again.


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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