points not moving...

hey... i have a 1989 motomarina sebring, and the ignition points do not move when i turn it over ( so there is no spark )... i'm told that this is an easy problem to remedy, but i'm not sure how to do so. I tried to take off the flywheel so this would be easier to work on, but i guess you need a special tool to do so. can anyone help me?

Re: Calling Don-O!

Don-Ohio is the Motomarina man, but he can't post here.

Try posting in the moped.org Moped Forum. He seems to be able to get to that one.

He's a helpful guy and an asset to the moped world.


Re: points not moving...

Jon that has the mineralli motor on it that is very common put another post for help and some can help you get your ped fixed. IT is to nice of a ped to sell sorry your having troubles with it. kevin

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