Motobecane Engine Problem....

My '77 Motobecane 50L is smoking like a cheap cigar and the plugs are fouling out with black soot. The bike is running very rough now. I am using the correct gas/oil misture ratio, so I was wondering what else could be causing these symptoms. Could bad rings cause my engine to smoke (oil getting past the rings)? Anything else I should be checking?



Re: Motobecane Engine Problem....

What fuel to oil mixture are you using? It should be 50:1 (2.5once/1gal).


Re: Motobecane Engine Problem....


How come the gas tank says 4oz oil per gallon if gas? That is what I've been using.



Re: Motobecane Engine Problem....

If it's an old bike, probably from when they had leaded gas and sh!%%y oil. try 40:1 (3 oz to 1 gal) with a good, brand name oil. if it smokes less, run it and maybe lean it out to 50;1. may mean 4 oz to one tankful...

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