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whenever i put transmision fluid in my moped it leaks out through the center case seal all over the ground. i was wondering if i really had to take the whole engine apart to get at the seal; or can i spray some sort of HI tac in there and have it plug up the hole. i looked at where it is leaking and there is a big chunk taken out of the seal which is causing this to happen. and btw when i turn on my turn signals the light that indicates they are on only works when i turn on the left turn signal. i only have the back two on there is that the problem or is it something else. and also when i put my hi beams on the indicator dosent light. the bulb is fine and everything is hooked up right i think. well any answers?


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Reeperette /

Yes, you have to replace the whole damn gasket, alas...

Check the thread on changing trans cover for how that's done.

As for the other, as long as the signals themselves work, I wouldn't worry about it, hell, I've never kept a working speedometer on a 'ped in my life, they die after about 3000Miles anyways, just one more hassle to keep replacing.


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what im saying is that the tranny fliud leaks forn the bottom of the center case seal and i was wondering if i had to take the whole damn engine apart to replace the seal. if that is true im gonna be pissed cause u gotta take the freakin cyinder and everthing. that would be a major pain the ass!!!! and would take a very long time and i probably wouldnt have the time to deal with is with school and all. so thats why im looking for a semi quick fix... like trying to plug it.


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Ron Brown /


Never give up on the "quick fix" until you have tried a few things.

I am not familiar with your particular engine/transmission but I can offer some sugestions and you can add your observations and see what happens.

Figure out which end you can hang the ped from to move the oil away from the inside of where it is leaking, Drain the gas and hang the ped by the front or back wheel in the garage or from a tree limb.

Use a can of carb cleaner and clean off the offending joint until it is spotless, try to not get too much carb cleaner in the transmission.

Use a magnifier and try to see why the joint is leaking. If it has a gasket, has a piece of it blown out. Are the bolts, which hold the two halves together, tight.

If it is a missing piece of gasket, cut a piece of similar gasket material (or brown paper of the correct thicknes) to fill the missing space. Give the spot another spray of carb cleaner to make sure it is clean and blow it dry with a compressor or your bycicle pump. Smear some anaerobic gasket compound (see on the filler piece and stuff it in the gap. Avoid pushing it in too far, you do not want the inside to prodrude into the transmission. Let it set for several hours, then trim off the filler flush with the outside of the crankcase.

If it is a crack in the casting, do all of the above cleaning and wire brush the surface, then clean and dry again. Get some epoxy putty from an auto parts store, gas tank/radiator reapair, mix it well and press it firmly in the crack, feathering it out to a thin edge. Follow the instructions on drying time.

After either fix, drain and refill the trans as there may be carb cleaner in there.

Check the application temperature for whatever compound you use, you may have to heat things up with a hair drier or do this in your living room to be successfull.

On your electrical problems, it sounds like your turn signal tell tale is connected to one of the signal lights instead of the flasher or switch common.

Your high beam indicator is connected between the high beam terminal on the headlamp and ground, this is such a simple circuit it is hard to sugest how to fix it.

Try connecting the bulb from the high beam terminal to ground, if it does not light, replace it. If it does, bypass the connections to the bulb with a jumper wire until it lights. Whatever you just bypassed is bad.

Good luck,


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