Tomos sputtering in 2nd gear

my 92 tomos top tank is sputtering bad enough in second gear to mak the moped only go like 20, but if i get going fast enough, it will stop sputtering and run normally. if i an going up a small hill and it shifts into second just barely, it will die out. Is this water in the gas? Also, is there a lockable gas cap for the top tank tomos? (just in case someone does put water in the gas to be an asshole.) Also, what about a cap that seals better? thanks!

RE: Tomos sputtering in 2nd gear

mabe it is a loose exaust pipe? could be water and yes you can get the locking gas cap.

RE: Tomos sputtering in 2nd gear

i have only seen locking gas caps for bottom tank models.... where can i get one for a top tank? I'm sure it's not the muffler b/c it sounds the same as always. Also, why does it run fine in first and in high second?

RE: Tomos sputtering in 2nd gear

Ron Brown /


When it is sputtering, give it a little choke, if this improves it, you have a carb problem. Open it up and clean it. If this does not improve it, try a new spark plug and/or check the ignition system and wiring.


RE: Tomos sputtering in 2nd gear

Could be the carb setting, or maybe it needs cleaning. It could also be your ignition coil, they only last for somany years and then they wear out causing irregular ignition ... wich reminds me, it could also be your ignition timing.

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