lack of power on '78 express

Well, my '78 honda express (NC-50) seems to be loosing power, or at least speed. After fixing all the latest problems, the express has a top speed around 28 MPH ON A DOWN HILL!! before i dont know how fast i was going on a down hill (the speedo maxes out at 35 or so). Any ideas? Timings dead on, carbs clean (latest fix) muffler seems pretty clear, I decarbonized the cylender about a week ago and the compression was around 95 Psi last time I checked about a week ago.

I seem to have just said i have a problems but nothings wrong, if you can think of somthing i havent covered, feel free to post.

Re: lack of power on '78 express

Wanna 68cc bore kit, i have 2 left, but make sure you have good brakes and big balls cuz at 50mph you will need both!

Re: lack of power on '78 express

hey i need one how much for the kit?

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