breakfast food poll

I just had some disgusting, nasty, unhealthy SCRAPPLE for breakfast, it was delicious.

do you know what i'm talking about?

What's on your plate?

Re: breakfast food poll

the rapa scrapple plant is in the next town here,,,they have a big 3 day apple scrapple festival every year........scrapple is good if its cooked just right .most people don't know how..I slice it thin and flour it and toss it in a hot greased skillet and turn it a lot. It comes out perfect. nice and crispy

Re: breakfast food poll

-Two eggs over easy

-Turkey bacon


Re: breakfast food poll

bowl of cereal

Re: breakfast food poll

Normal day? Croissantes with condensed milk

Week-end? Fried egg, 3 rashers of bacon, 2 sausages, Beans, Mushrooms and Mayonnaise

Re: breakfast food poll

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Brains and eggs.

Not really but I do like scrapple and eggs. I alternate between cheesy grits, baked oatmeal and egg sandwiches with tomato. Jim

Re: breakfast food poll

I am unfamiliar with scrapple. I'll check it out.

I usually have 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 4 egg whites, 1 yoke with some garlic and cayenne pepper. I usually will throw the eggs into a tortilla.

If I'm in a hurry I'll just have a protein shake. 45g of strawberry whey, creatine, milled flax, honey, blueberries, skim milk, and ice.

Re: breakfast food poll

Fresh home made biscuits and gravy, oatmeal, and western omelett.

Re: breakfast food poll

pop tarts (cinnamon sugar or frosted strawberry) if i'm in a hurry. cereal if i make time. COFFEE always..TIM hortons on my way to work(again if i make time). -Joe

Re: breakfast food poll

today only, Iced honey bun with black tea.

usual Sundays is a breakfast bowl,

biscuit with gravy,fried egg, sausage patties topped with shredded cheddar cheese, green tea and OJ

weekdays ,,Brunch,, anything goes

Re: breakfast food poll

granola cereal and soy milk (you;d think I Was a hippie...)

Cinnamon or Strawberry pop tarts

If I'm at work a fresh warm croissant with something on it

If Im at home and just relaxing or going somewhere for breakfast two eggs over easy with some kind of bread and some home fries

Re: breakfast food poll

popcorn from wesco

Re: breakfast food poll

coffee and a cheezy egg. you put the egg in a hot fry pan, put cheda cheez on it and flip it, the chhez melts and browns a little.

i love scrapple, but isn't that pig lips and dicks ground up with chicken feet?

ps, the wife just got up, so the chhezys are on hold and we're going to pancake house and i'm getting scrapple if they have it.

Re: breakfast food poll

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

"usual Sundays is a breakfast bowl,

biscuit with gravy,fried egg, sausage patties topped with shredded cheddar cheese, green tea and OJ"

This sounds like a Dennys breakfast. I like it also. Jim

Re: breakfast food poll

i want a breakfast burrito from tv cafe.

Re: breakfast food poll

dude i want a wet burrito from tv cafe! those things were bomb diggity! in the way of breakfast? usually chocolate chip cookies for me. sundays i open by myself at a coffee shop so i usually get a chocolate chip muffin or blueberry muffin. a lot of you people are eating super good stuff. i wish i had the time or the will power to get up and make myself some quality breakfast. or else i just wish i had milk and cereal. i miss milk and cereal.

Re: breakfast food poll

breakfast we eat BIG

toast and smash fruit and eggs and meat and sometime fried leftover potato n veg and coffee

breakfast food poll

Leftover pizza. I am not a specific time of the day food eater. I make breakfast for supper and have spaghetti when I wake up. Are bacon and eggs better for me in the morning than a plate of spaghetti? Its just important to eat a good meal because breakfast will keep you going a long time.

Re: breakfast food poll

caffine and nicotine

Re: breakfast food poll

Lance applewhite /

Ovaltine and a banana and 100% columbian coffee.

Re: breakfast food poll

goetta anyone?

Re: breakfast food poll

Weekdays: Kashi cereal with fresh fruit on top and two slices of turkey bacon.

Weekends: Eggs with pepper-jack cheese, _real_ bacon (not that Canadian _ham_ they call bacon), grits, biscuits and gravy with a side order of extra cholesterol.

And _always_ coffee strong enough to cause lockjaw.

Re: breakfast food poll

Bacon & eggs over medium

Hashbrowns & sourdough toast

This is the best and most basic breakfast. I order it almost anywhere.

Re: breakfast food poll

Cottage fried potato

2 eggs over easy

1 smoked kipper (boil in bag type, like where do you get a fresh smoked kipper?)

melted butter

1/2 of a Campari tomato (the healthy part)

Re: breakfast food poll

love fried eggs over medium with cheddar and sourdough.. but if i dont have time for that, some hearty fiberous cereal with soy milk is a close second.

Re: breakfast food poll

Scrapple is meant to be cut thick so it's crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Rapa Scrapple is the only brand to eat!!

Re: breakfast food poll

hmm.. i'll have to look into this scrapple you speak of

i've been rocking english muffins with fried eggs and cheese in them, but i put three strips of bacon in the frying pan and crack the egg over it.

bacon rules. i made a pound of it yesterday so now i can reheat and eat it all week long.


Re: breakfast food poll

I usually try to feed the wife my speacial breakfast sausage. I ususally don't eat much for breakfast, but I love my coffee! Need that coffee. I love bacon, and French toast.

I can handle blueberry pancakes sometimes, and waffles are good at time, but it's been since I was a lad that I had myself a good waffle.

Eggs are okay. I like'em most ways but runny. I like a runny hunny, but not a runny goopy egg. I'm not a headcheese eater or a scrapple consumer. Seafood would be hard to eat for breakfast too, but I love it for supper.

Potato pancakes! wow it's been way too long! Oh my Grandma Zackus made the BEST potato pancakes!

Omellettes... for the bored cook, these can be quite fun. Again; no seafood or brain or stupid crap like that. But I add to this list, that Chicken should not be in the omlit as well.

Sausage. I like it, but it makes my stomach squirm all day afterwards.

Ham is awesome too. Again, too much of that will growl and oink around inside my belly til dawn the next day. I love it so much though.

I can wait for later in the day for steak as well, but it can work if you really need a beef boost. I say, just down another glass of milk, and wait 'til dinnertime.

I love cheese and even salsa on my eggs.

I REALLY love awesome Montana bacon dipped in sour cream... Oh to die for!

I like toasted English Muffins.

I don't care for overly sweet stuff like frosting donuts.

I like Crunch Berries, Crispix, Quisp, Count Chocula, Cocoa Puffs, Rasin Bran, Cream of wheat, Freakies, King Vitamin, Basic 4, Puffed Rice, and Puffed Wheat, Honeycombs, Coco Pebbles, Body Buddies, Rice Krispies, and some Lucky Charms.

I eat some oatmeal.

Re: breakfast food poll

Oh I forgot potaoes!!!

Re: breakfast food poll

i love croque monsieur and croque madame! also, McCann's Irish Oatmeal, scotch eggs benedict, eggs florentine, baskets of warm brazilian cheese bread, eggs cocotte, crepes gran marnier, bloody marys, mimosas, cappuccino, fresh hot croissants . . . breakfast is basically the most awesome thing there is, next to mopeds.

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