The Snark-Bianchi Rides Again

"Well, I just finished working on my 1977 Snark-Bianchi that I bought over the weekend, and it's purring like a kitten. I took apart the carb and gas tank and gave everything a good cleaning, put it back together (no spare parts left either), tightned everything down, put a new NGK spark plug in it, and it started like a charm. I was riding up and down the street and the bike hit 30 mph on a straightaway with no problem. This is no small feat considering I'm about 210 lbs. I spent so much time working on the mechanics, I didn't have enough time to clean the rust off the rims. I may need to replace a frayed brake cable, but other than that, it's a runner. My garage is like the United Nations now. I have an Italian Snark a French Motobecane and a German/Mexican 1998 VW Beetle. Can't we all just get along!"

Re: The Snark-Bianchi Rides Again

"wow, it sounds like you have a nice place to work on your mopeds. i am stuck working on mine in my bedroom.<p><br>: Well, I just finished working on my 1977 Snark-Bianchi that I bought over the weekend, and it's purring like a kitten. I took apart the ca"

Re: The Snark-Bianchi Rides Again

Last spring I built a very large detached two car garage. I have a nice big maple workbench that came out of a 50 yr. old hardware store in a nearby town. I keep my New Beetle and my Schwinn Stingray collection in the garage along with my mopeds and my 19

Re: The Snark-Bianchi Rides Again

"Ouch, a bedroom... sorry to hear. I guess I'm also lucky enough to have a three-car garage, where I can store my 1998 VW Golf, my 1977 Garelli moped, a homemade Go-Ped, my three drumsets, a couple bikes, a Marshall half-stack, a few big bass amps, a PA system, two refrigerators, a 12-foot workbench, six guitars, tons of tools, crap and more crap, and many decorations and posters to keep everyone smiling.<p><p>All I wish for now is another moped (preferably a Puch or Sachs) and a fully-restored pre-1967 split-screen VW Bus. After all that, I can actually say ""I have it all.""<p><p>Until then... I have something to look forward to each and every day... especially when it comes to cleaning my garage out!<p><p>_wal"

Re: The Snark-Bianchi Rides Again

You must not be married or have a very cool wife.

Re: The Snark-Bianchi Rides Again

"I'm single... and I happen to have a nice large garage for only two people to use. It's nice, I suppose.<p><p>_wal"

Re: The Snark-Bianchi Rides Again

<br>I just bought a 1976 bianchi snark. It still runs but it needs minor repairs like a new seat and throttle cable.

Re: Part needed for my Snark

John W. Johnston /

:My gas shutoff valve got broken and now the remains of the valve is lost. Can you direct me to where I can purchase a whole new/used gas shutoff valve? The moped has been sitting around for 8 years then I found your internet page. Hope you can help me. T

RE: The Snark-Bianchi Rides Again

Jamie Holland /

<HTML>Hi Guys,

I also have a Snark moped, but by no stretch of the imagination can I fix/tune/etc it myself. Is there a place I can take it to? I called motorcyle shops about tuning it up and they laughed in my face. It is my only motorized trasportation. I use a bicycle 90% of the time. I am in Arizona. The Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria area.

Would love to hear suggestions to get my Snark purring.


Jamie </HTML>

Re: The Snark-Bianchi Rides Again

<HTML>You have a homemade go-ped? Can I have details?</HTML>

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