Re: "Take a Moped Camping" MA-NH weekend

see thats what im talking about. why wait till the day we go? why not make it up now, depending on what _you_ think is best (considering your the apparent resident expert on the matter)? Then people can modify their schedules to fit around the plan that has been made, not the other way around. otherwise no concensus will be made and nothing will get done.

Re: "Take a Moped Camping" MA-NH weekend

Hey, ok. Well we need a map.

I use We but, I'm not going to be riding from boston with you guys, cause, well, that would be kind of silly for me to drive down to boston and then back up. so. I'll see you guys when you get here.

As far as resident experts are concerned. Everyone make up a route if you want.

Then we (read:you guys) vote on it. ok?

No sense in not getting a route cause we can't get over ourselves.

So. Yeah. Lets plan this right.

I want everyone to come who can make it. I'm bummed we won't see you Phil, If it's far enough up in vermont maybe you could extend your route a little for a campout. even if you just drive.

So Yeah, cool let's do this, it will be fun.

I got the Jawa Running and I think it will ride that far, if I can just get it registered.


Re: "Take a Moped Camping" MA-NH weekend

Yeah, it's a bummer...but I gotta show some support for my friend...I'll see what's good though that all depends on the route of course!

Re: "Take a Moped Camping" MA-NH weekend

just keepin this bumped.

id like to know how far east you plan on traveling... wanna find out where us portsmouth guys can meet up with the caravan.

Re: "Take a Moped Camping" MA-NH weekend

<iframe width="425" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=";hl=en&amp;geocode=4360560823397204051,43.104457,-71.237685%3B11477556182649549130,43.468980,-71.423210&amp;saddr=Haverhill+Massachusetts&amp;daddr=Raymond+Rd%2FRT-107+%4043.104457,+-71.237685+to:43.274206,-71.28685+to:Province+Rd%2FRT-107+%4043.468980,+-71.423210+to:118+corliss+rd+Alexandria+NH&amp;mra=dpe&amp;mrcr=0&amp;mrsp=2&amp;sz=11&amp;via=1,2,3&amp;dirflg=h&amp;sll=43.316685,-71.234665&amp;sspn=0.304246,0.720291&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;ll=43.316685,-71.234665&amp;spn=0.304246,0.720291&amp;output=embed&amp;s=AARTsJqmPfYbAvNx4PRN78dsWhnxApFKyA"></iframe><br /><small><a href=";hl=en&amp;geocode=4360560823397204051,43.104457,-71.237685%3B11477556182649549130,43.468980,-71.423210&amp;saddr=Haverhill+Massachusetts&amp;daddr=Raymond+Rd%2FRT-107+%4043.104457,+-71.237685+to:43.274206,-71.28685+to:Province+Rd%2FRT-107+%4043.468980,+-71.423210+to:118+corliss+rd+Alexandria+NH&amp;mra=dpe&amp;mrcr=0&amp;mrsp=2&amp;sz=11&amp;via=1,2,3&amp;dirflg=h&amp;sll=43.316685,-71.234665&amp;sspn=0.304246,0.720291&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;ll=43.316685,-71.234665&amp;spn=0.304246,0.720291&amp;source=embed"; style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left">View Larger Map</a></small>

Here is a map going up 107 right to my house.

So Jay said He's been up 107 and so if the portsmouth crew wants to use this to decide their route to meet up, maybe you could even try it out before the rally, you're more than welcome to, if you want, in a car or on a moped and come hang out, I'm generally home. Steve I think you have my number but email me if you don't.

it could be a fun weekend thing before you guys make the official ride.

and believe it or not I've seen two mopeders in bristol which has like, no people in it.

so, maybe they will come too.

anyway hope that map works... oh it probably won't cause it's html well try this link..


Re: &quot;Take a Moped Camping&quot; MA-NH weekend

Just click on the View Larger Map.

it should pop up with the route.


Re: &quot;Take a Moped Camping&quot; MA-NH weekend

thats solid dude, glad someone is gettin this stuff together... that route looks pretty good. ive been talking to the gears and they seem pretty excited about the idea. i think the best way for us to do it is to take route 4 all the way to where it intersects rt 107 in epsom.

i just got back from a cruise... started to pour but it was wicked refreshing.. until my ped broke down haha. gotta get this shit more reliable before this ride!

Re: &quot;Take a Moped Camping&quot; MA-NH weekend

So, yeah I'd love a closer to definite answer of who is coming.

or how many at least.

Let me know guys. It's going to be So fun.

Re: &quot;Take a Moped Camping&quot; MA-NH weekend

This is the most convouted thread ive ever read. What the fuck are people planning at this poing? Moped to Jordan and Cross the river? Ooogh im dizzy!

Re: &quot;Take a Moped Camping&quot; MA-NH weekend

I believe the best way would be:

All leaving from Haverhill, MA 01832. to Kingston, NH (125 North to 107) approximant time 7:00am

All leaving seacoast and Portsmouth (1 or 1a to 107)

This allows us to meet at 107 and 125 in Kingston, NH. Some people from the Portsmouth area may be able to treck through back roads and such to cut a good amount of time off of their travel. Unfortunately any one coming from other locations then Haverhill should plan their trips and times to meet up with us.

all leaving Rochester should plan rout straight to Aarons.

Aaron I'll need you to clearly mark the area you want the portable toilets placed. This is so when the delivery is made no one will need to be present at the location at that time.

Now as for the total amount of people "Camping". I will need every one who plans to go and stay for the camping please email me stating so. Also state where you plan to ride from as well I.E. Haverhill, MA.

Again all are welcome even if you plan to come up for just the Saturday ride. Please e-me and state that as well along with the time you plan to arrive.

People this weekend is upon us and now comes down to the nitty gritty. The weekend this camping trip will happen is the 20-22nd of June. This weekend is only three weeks away so now is the time for definite commitment from all that have had any plans of going.

Thank You.


Re: &quot;Take a Moped Camping&quot; MA-NH weekend

"This is the most convouted thread ive ever read. What the fuck are people planning at this poing? Moped to Jordan and Cross the river? Ooogh im dizzy!"

Hmmm. Lets see. I dont remember typing this. It was a friday night at 11:00's chock full of typo's.

Drunks shouldnt be allowed near keyboards.

Disregard that shit.

Re: &quot;Take a Moped Camping&quot; MA-NH weekend

Silly Irishman. Posting is for sober people............not.

Re: &quot;Take a Moped Camping&quot; MA-NH weekend

Well I've had no E-mail responses to my request for a definite Nay or Yay on how's coming.

Please people let me know so everything can be planed accordingly.

Thanks Mike

Re: &quot;Take a Moped Camping&quot; MA-NH weekend

That's who is coming.

Re: &quot;Take a Moped Camping&quot; MA-NH weekend

Cool guys.

Let me know.

I'll be there.

I have to work on sunday at 11, but, I'm sure you guys should be all set.

I'll do my best to Mark a clear location. but, umm, When are they coming?

please call me.

Re: &quot;Take a Moped Camping&quot; MA-NH weekend

Hey Im from Andover and have been in these forums for a while always looking for people to ride with.

This sounds like an awesome time and would love to join you guys.

I go to school at Plymouth State and Ive been planning a route to take my ped back to school at the end of the summer. I know a ton of the road all over that area so I can definitely be some help if anyone needs it.

Keep this thread bumped and keep up the information, id love to meet some people and have an awesome ride.

Re: &quot;Take a Moped Camping&quot; MA-NH weekend

seems that to me 175 miles is a little long. not bashing your idea, just seems that instead of 10-11 hours one way, (including rest stops needed by mopeds) maybe cut that down to 50-75 one way. then the 50 in the middle, and the back. My usual 40 out 40 back on Sunday is a pain in the ass even at 35 MPH.

Re: &quot;Take a Moped Camping&quot; MA-NH weekend

spork Guarnierius /

Hey guys, just checking to see how this is developing. Since I'd be coming from NY I'll be missing the long haul from Mass. but would like to camp out Friday night for Saturday's Laconia ride. Mike, I shot you an email last week(hopefully it got through), let me know if there's anything else I can do.

Re: &quot;Take a Moped Camping&quot; MA-NH weekend

It looks as though this Camping - Mega Ride will be placed on hold for now.

It would have been really cool to swarm the last weekend of "Bike Week" but the lack of interest on all our parts wont allow this to happen.

I've asked several times over the past three weeks for any one that planned on:

1) the ride from Mass to the camp site. 2) just for the camping.

3) Saturday ride

If they could please E-me so I could have a final tally on the suspected amount of people attending.

I had two e-mails ( Conor & Studge). I had 6 others that planed on going that have changed their minds at the final days.

So my decision has been to place this Epic ride on hold until we all can ban together to make it happen.


Re: &quot;Take a Moped Camping&quot; MA-NH weekend

i was gonna go, but i heard it got canceld, sorry for not shooting a e-mail, 3 mopeds were going from worcester, i was one, we had a friend up there we coulda camped at theyre house.


Re: &quot;Take a Moped Camping&quot; MA-NH weekend

I really would like to do something like this, but my bike only goes 25 in its current state. Plus I don't trust it enough for a long ride yet.

Definitely some time this summer though.

Re: &quot;Take a Moped Camping&quot; MA-NH weekend

Hey i don't wan't to sound like a Dickhole or anything.

but, a phonecall would have been nice.

I told you guys that I didn't have the internet up north, and It would have been nice to know that I didn't have to get prepped for people camping.

It's not a big deal, because I had people camping the following weekend anyway.

But you know, A phone call would have been nice.

But I would like to do it still, even if you guys drive up to my house and we just ride around, either to Laconia or wherever, there are lots of pretty rides up here.

Let me know.


Re: &quot;Take a Moped Camping&quot; MA-NH weekend

yeah i want to take a ride up there soon

i have to wait for my new points for my moby and my new tires will be in next week

Re: &quot;Take a Moped Camping&quot; MA-NH weekend

Yo - I'm actually kinda stoked this got cancelled....because now WE CAN RESCEDULE.

I am so fucking down to do this in July or early August.

I forget who was organizing this thing. I am more than happy to work with a few peeps to get it going. I have an F150 truck that can be a crash/follow truck (we used it at our rally in San Jose, 'Stinko de Mayo'). I've got 2 good running peds.

Let's make this happen!Who

Re: &quot;Take a Moped Camping&quot; MA-NH weekend

hey sorry i didnt shoot you an email im moving in a month and i really cant afford to take time off from work. you guys have fun though

Re: &quot;Take a Moped Camping&quot; MA-NH weekend

me mike(vwfoolwhy) and aaron were doing this but when it came time to go nobody wanted to go and my bike broke down and mike had back problems so we just called it off

i might take a ride up north probably the weekend after next

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