Janked up Tomos

Joe Wiley /

yeah I have a 93 tomosttlx and it broke down last night. I try to start it and when i kick back on the pedals, they turn freely and barely kick the engine over. It must be an internal problem because i checked the gas and oil and the spark plug. It was running great and I cutoff the engine for only 10 minutes. When I tryed to start it back up thats when the pedals hardly kicked the engine and there wasnt any compression. I dont know what the hell it is. I'd like any information on that. Thanx

Re: Janked up Tomos

chuck russo va /

read freds guid on how to fix your moped

resources, articals, how to fix your moped.

it has all the info u need to get it back on the road

Re: Janked up Tomos

Reeperette /

Any more info than this would be handy.

If the pedals freewheeled and did NOT kick the engine over, I would know what it was, but as you describe it, there's a buncha things that could be wrong.

What kinda noise is made when the pedals are kicked backwards from the cylinder, and from the transmission ?

You say it lacks compression, how did you test this ?

If the U clip broke, it wouldn't kick the engine over at all, so hopefully it's something simpler, but gonna need a wee bit more detail before I can say anything more helpful than perhaps checking to see if the head has come loose.

Or ?? This is rare, but possible.

Did the spark plug come loose ? that'd cause those symptoms.


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