gas treatment

how much gas treatment should i put in my 1 gallon gas tank?

Re: gas treatment

Take the cap off the bottle of gas treatment ... fill the CAP with the gas treatment.. then pour the cap in the ped tank.

(so its a just a small amount)

Maybe do two caps full for the first time .. if you suspect the carb is dirty .. then one cap per tank after that.

.. one bottle lasts a long time for such a small vehicle

Re: gas treatment

Silly question but what does gas treatment do?

Re: gas treatment

read 'the guide' ...scroll down to the bottom

Re: gas treatment, what for?

Automotive gas treatments are made for a FOUR CYCLE engine.

Putting it into a two stroke could damge the crankseals.

If the purpose of using it is to "clean" the carburetor, you should be using piblic transportation.


Re: gas treatment, what for?

Sea foam is really good and it's for 2 cycles too. About $5.00 a can but it last for a long time....

Re: gas treatment, what for?

yea, that 4 stroke gas treatment has thinners in it, designed to thin out varnish deposits, it can thin the oil in your 'peds mixture right out, but if you have a 4 stroke ped go 4 it, it cant hurt those.


Re: gas treatment, what for?

damn it, i've been using gas treatment with every tank. I don't think i did any damage. should I continue to run out this tank before I stop using this treatment or should I stop and drain the tank. the treatment i'm using is "blaster" carburator cleaner

gas treatment

I don't think you did any damage either.

That gas treatment is used in car carburetors that have rubber parts in them.

Do you think they hurt those ? ... No.

I have used it in my ped many many times ... but I don't use it all the time.

(one reaon I use it is the PA carb is so hard to get out)

That Sea Foam is the best stuff... its made for 2 strokes .. so there won't be any 'supposed' troubles.

Don't worry ... you didn't hurt anything.

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