Tomos biturbo exhaust question

I did a search to see what putting a biturbo on a Tomos would do for the performance. But, I could not find a straight answer. Although I did find an answer saying that it would give me more sex appeal. (I really could use more of that.)

So, as I understand it the biturbo will increase the top end about 10mph.

How does the biturbo affect the bottom end, overall power, and acceleration? (But just as importantly, does it really impress the babes? (And what will the babes think about the fact that I have had my plug chopped after installing a biturbo?)

Any insight, serious or not, will be apriciated.

Re: Tomos biturbo exhaust question

Forgot to mention that this is with the A35 engine.

Re: Tomos biturbo exhaust question

id say ...if you get a "bi" turbo, polish her up real nice..make her shiney.........and you just may see more bottom ends...and i'd say that would help your overall performance...and you never know....once you have bottom end(s), then put some of your mojo on the top end(s) as well.......then you will have good acceleration!!.....

Re: Tomos biturbo exhaust question

It made mine go about 8 MPH faster but also made much louder. I liked it better when it was quite. The speed is really supprising for just putting on a new pipe.

Re: Tomos biturbo exhaust question

screw quiet. i like the sound of the biturno. sounds like a mini blaster.

Re: Tomos biturbo exhaust question

it makes you go about 5 mph faster, gives u ALOT more power and accel, and yes my friend, impresses the chicks....and even the harley riders, a few have complemented me on it, because it sounds like a harley.

Re: Tomos biturbo exhaust question

the biturbo exhaust is good. When I had my Tomos, one of my friends had one and his tomos would do about 49-50 or so. He also had some breather mods and re-jetted the carb... I went with a K&N breather, re-jetting, a 8mm suppression plug wire, and I modified a muffler for an Onan 2-cylinder power unit to fit. The better shape of the muffler (like an expansion chamber) and the larger exhaust passage made mine run 53(yep, 53) flat out with my 275lb fat ass on her....

Re: Tomos biturbo exhaust question

They just came outwith a new biturbo that will be a bit faster and a whole lot quieter

People that say their 50cc moped does over 50

....Are full of shit. :) Or they are confused because a lot of moped speedos read KPH.

Re: Tomos biturbo exhaust question

Danko Craig /

I had a stock 2001 Tomos Targa LX. The speed-o read only 50 Kph on flats, no more. I put the Bi-Turbo on and I can barry the needle. The speed-o goes to 60 Kph but with the

Bi-Turbo the needle point where 70 Kph should be. I gained low end as well. I couldn't make it up some hills here in town, even in first gear. Now, I don't have to get off and push. It is louder but who cares. It's still not as loud as some bums on their Harleys.


Re: Tomos biturbo exhaust question

MY Tomos didn't have a speedo after i put the RM80 front end on her. When I wanted to find out how fast it would go, I had one of my buds ride along side of me with his truck. I KNOW his speedo reads MPH... ran between 50 and 55MPH

Re: People that say their 50cc moped does over 50

My moped has hit 50mph before. It makes a straight line with the 30mph. So people that say their moped hits 50 isnt full of shit.


p.s. my moped speedometer is in MPH

Re: People that say their 50cc moped does over 50

mine runs 45 mph no more no less

Re: People that say their 50cc moped does over 50

Raymond Wright IV /

biturbo, more like bisexual turbo!~

haha just kidding, but seriously, every biturbo ive had is crap.

tecnigas next r has impressed me wayyy more.

my homoet is pretty rad too.

Re: People that say their 50cc moped does over 50

id love to know why theres a lot of posts in this thread from what seems to be the same 2 guys, trying to switch author names but not verified users or ips...oddd.

Re: Tomos biturbo exhaust question

Thread resurrection month strikes again!

Re: Tomos biturbo exhaust question

oh gosh this post is old.... but anyway tomos speedo says i do 50 on my lx and yes mph while the gps says more like 40 and that sound right just rejet and pipe on the stock 30 made it do 40

Re: Tomos biturbo exhaust question

im 300 lbs.

last week, on the way back from the grocery store with about 50 lbs of stuff on my back (25 lb dog food, gallon of milk, gallon of ice cream, frozen chicken..heavy stuff) i gps'd my 07' lx (with only a larger rear sprocket, biturbo, larger jet, and hi flo air filter) at 48.6 mph.

def. loses low end for me, but once it gets up there it really moves, for a stock cylinder.

so screw all of the biturbo haters. mine has held up perfectly for 2200 miles so far, with no rattles, leaks, or baffle explosions.

Re: Tomos biturbo exhaust question

Wow, slow days on MA to bring up a 7 year old post!

FWIW my first Tomos experience was last week, when a 12 year old kid blasted us with a built-up 1980's Tomos step thru with a biturbo, some carb coming out of the side and what looked like a kitted cylinder. I asked him how many cc's. "49". yeah. "and it goes 70". umkay - but it did sound NICE.

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