Pic of Don's Kawasaki tire scrubber moped

Don was at my house tonight to pickup a motormarina and he wanted to say hi to all. Heres a pic of his boy with his custom made Kawasaki tire scrubber moped it has a 31cc weed eater motor on it which he tells me will go 25 mph. Don is still working on getting internet access to his house but with only getting running water and electricity last year The internet might be pushing it. He can check his email at work so if anyone wants any futher details feel free to email him at don45640@yahoo.com. Thanks Kevin


Picture still available,MopedGuys?

Brought this up to see if the MopedGuys could backtrack to Kevin's pic and post the pic it contains? How `bout it,MopedGuys? Can you post it on your website?

As we're standing there, we are being assailed by ticks and don't even know it `til we get home.LOL! Thanks,MopedGuys and Kevin R.! don-ohio (:^)

Picture still available,MopedGuys?

hey donohio, is that your sebring with the huge windshield? or the one you just picked up?? nice looking ped nonetheless........Paul

Re: Picture still available,MopedGuys?

That the oldest Sebring,Paul.Has to have over 35K on it. Speedo has broken so often .....one time i just left it broke for 7 or 8 thousand miles...I've lost track and have to estimate.

I've ridden that one 3 times as far as any of my others. It's been on 2 of Ike's rides and made a showing on the 3rd one.

I have 4 of those windshields,Paul. `Cause I've broken at least 2 in the last 3 years. LOL! They are the BEST windshields out there,but not made anymore.

Can you make out Westy's little tire-scrubber Kawasaki? Now it is a pretty lil' bike that hauls him around easily at 27-30 mph. Goes up hills good too, and has that 7-speed derailleur to back it up.

Thanks, Paul! don-ohio (:^D

Wulfy.....the pic is here.

It's on Kevin's post above,Wulfy. You think you can send it? I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks! don (:^D

Re: Wulfy.....the pic is here.

yeah, i see westy's kawasaki, nice looking....that's a nice speed for him too.... he's a pretty big little guy dono....LOL

Re: Wulfy.....the pic is here.

Oh yeah,Paul......he's grown a LOT since then too. Now he's 13 and about 5'4", maybe 85 lbs. That bike will scoot with him on it! You can't go down the road without people staring and showing interest. I love that Kawasaki dirt bike green. Ha! don-ohio (:^D

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