free PA parts

...anyone in columbus,oh want a 78 PA50-II and a 79 PA50. there both more or less thrashed but there are some good parts on em', the motors are good. the PA-II motor was running 35+ with a proma, smooth and strong. i need to get them out of my garage........

First dibs

If theres any rules to who gets-em ... I claim 'first dibs' on them.

If it works out .... I will see if I can make arrangements to pick them up within one week.

... if thats OK.

Re: First dibs

....i thought you might be the frist .....sounds good....the PA motor has a PA-II reed valve in it already..i could never get the PA-II manifold from honda....back ordered...anyway they both have the variator mods done on em'......and the PA50 only had 867 or so miles on it....

Re: First dibs

Is it true that you ran over them with a truck in anger ?

So wheels and frames and bodywork stuff might be worthless ?

Re: First dibs

...i do hate to admit it...and i regret it mucho..everyday....but yes it's true......they're not sooo bad tho.....i can't say the rims are up to d.o.t. standards .....but there are alot of good parts for sure......the mill's look untouched...for some reason i tried to keep the pit boss off the motors........scuba juice can sometimes be mysterious........

Re: First dibs you still want em'?..

Re: First dibs

Yeah I still want them ... I am curious as to just how smashed up they are... I can't say I've ever seen a ped thats been run over by a truck.

I am trying to figure out a cheap way of getting them at the moment ... I have connections with people who travel a lot... I am trying to find somebody from here who is going to/thru Columbus here in the next week.

They would pick them up on there way back and drop them off to me.

Its a 460 mile round trip for me ... If I can find somebodywho's already going there ... that'll be better.

OK for you ?... give me one week?

Re: First dibs

....that sounds good, i just went out and looked at em'.. the frames don't even look bent the tanks are a bit dented, the wheels arnt so good, one headlight unit made it out fine the other is dead, one seat looks pretty good, i took the other one off to put the baskets on my sachs...i think i just tossed it ...but i'll look around....i think with alittle work and a few parts they'd be back on the road. the proma is a bit tweeked not crushed, i cut off the head pipe to use it for my sachs proma. im gonna post some pix of the sachs proma in a day or two, i'll snap a pic of them and post them up here for ya....

More info needed


OK ... I might be getting some help on picking them up .. they are gonna ask me how far off I-75 you are.

So... how far off I-75 are you ?

I didn't notice till now you don't have your email address listed ... I don't list mine either because I don't want a zillion how-to-fix-this? ... questions.

Either give yours here if you don't mind ... or I will give mine here.

Sooner or later I'm gonna need specific directions too .. Maybe we do that with email ?


Re: More info needed

...fred, you can e-me at im about 4-5 miles west of I-71 and about 8-10 miles north of I-70, in upper arlington. i don't think there is an I-75 here....

Re: free PA parts

..oh hey, I-75 runs through daton ,ohio. columbus ,ohio is 70 miles east of daton...

Re: free PA parts

Hi, im looking for the ignition and key for a PA 50 do you have the ignition and key im willing to pay the shipping for these parts. Thank you

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