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I recieved a moped for free and a bucket of parts from my neighbor. His son took the ped apart and he is to lazy to reassemble it. I think it is a 1984 Batavus. It has the word Eagle written over the chain gaurd. I am pretty sure I can reassemble it I also have a assemble guide. I was wondering where I can get a gasket and what is the starting procedures. It has two pull levers on the left and two on the right. On the left when you pull the none chromed one it gets really hard to pedal. I pull the magneto (I think) in and makes it difficult to pedal that was. When you pull the lever to the right it doesn't do anything. I don't think. Any help would be great.

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The non chromed lever on the left is the one that pulls in the clutch. It makes it hard to pedel because when it's pulled in the engine is turning over. To start it just pedel fast and then pull the lever in to engage the engine. The other lever on the left is most likely your front brake and on the right is (at least on my Batavus) the choke and rear brake. You can find the year on a plate stamped on the bottom of the engine. As for the gaskets you should be able to get them from www.mopedjunkyard.com or www.mopedwarehouse.com.

I've never heard of a Batavus Eagle. If you get some pictures of it scanned i'd love to see them.

hope this helps a bit



RE: Bucket o' Parts

check out handy bikes first. their info as well as a few other moped army recommended shops are posted in the resources - articles portion of this site. handy bikes had cheaper parts than any moped store i've ever seen, the shipping took only 4 days, and you actually get to talk to a person to order. and the person actually knows things about mopeds. i'd say they're your best bet.


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