I just bought this 84 tomos silver bullet a week ago, and of course like always something i love has to go and break , but yeah does anyone know where i can get a new Throttle cable for my moped i snapped it tonight, i need it quik too i mean like by tuesday or wednsday at the lastest. and i need someone to really explain good how to put it on




ItsLookingUp /

Things don't happen that fast around mopeds. I don't have an extra or I'd try to help.


Reeperette /

Go kart shop...cycle shop, and if yer really in a hurry ?

Some bicycle brake cables will also fit, if the "bead" at the end is the proper size.

Pull the cable and haul yer arse to the Walmart/Meiers/OtherEvilSuperstore and go to the bicyle aisle and see if you get lucky.

As for how to put it on, use the SEARCH command and look for "Tomos Boatload" where you'll find instructions for how to get the carb out.

Best way to attach the throttle cable is to slide it out of the sheathing, and run the non-beaded end up through the "noodle" (you'll know it when you see it) and then put the sheathing back on.

Here's an pretty bad ASCII of how that cable hooks up in there, I's kinda tricky till you get used to it.

At the throttle end ? it's pretty self-explainatory, lookin at it and all, but if you have any problems, just sing out and I shall be along shortly.



Reeperette /

That might be an Encarwi carb, rather than a DelLorto, for an older silver bullet, if so, the throttle cable is a LOT easier to install.

Go to and check out the tomos carb diagrams to figure out which one you have.



If the cable end isn't the proper size, get yourself a Dremel with a grinding attachment and grind that sucker down until it's just right. My Dremel has gotten me out of more than one jam with my bike.



I have new cables for your bike.


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