60cc kit a dud?

Hey all..I got a 60cc kit put on a few months ago...Lately I've been riding it every day trying to put miles on. I've got about 200-250 miles on it since I had the kit put on, yet no change. I was told it would be able to hit 50 when broken in, yet it still maxes out at about 30 mph...Why is this? It was doing 40 flat before I got the kit put on, now I'm lucky to get it passed 30 -_-. What am I doing wrong? I have full throttled it, but only to test top speed. In all of that 250 miles, less then half a mile in all was going full throttle. Any ideas whats wrong?

Note: The only difference I've seen so far, was the acceleration increase. From the start (when I got the kit put on) the acceleration increase was great :).

Re: 60cc kit a dud?

My 72cc bore kit can't be beat in the lower 49 states! notice the lack of info i gave? its the same info you just gave me? only my statement is true lol

Re: 60cc kit a dud?

Have you done a plug chop? You may need to rejet your carb, or get a bigger carb. You shouldn't be running it full throttle at all, during the break in period...You can do short bursts of speed, but don't pin it. You'll jack your rings. It usually takes some fine tuning when you install a speed kit. You can't expect to just slap on a new piston, rings, cylinder and head, and have a perfectly tuned moped...Come on now.


Re: 60cc kit a dud?

also, you need a bigger sprocket. the gearing is still the same, so you don't get much more speed out of a bore kit unless you change the gearing.

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