41 mph

Hey gang... Whats up.. First I want to tell you ugys that you all missed a good little ride through downtown Atlanta.

We had a good time working on a few peds.. taking a short trip and eating some big fat Steak and red bean borritos... man these things were humongus.... but so good we ate ever bit... and washed them down with a beer..

anyways.. The Casal I baught looks really nice and I was very impressed normaly a real ped looks no where near as good as the picture.. but this one does..... I had a few minor problems with it not idleing. (a little crapola in the carb thx itslookingup) And once going up a hill it lost alot of power.. I figured out the petcock is not working properly.. the switch spins to far and when the gas is turned off it is actually on some .. and when turned on all the way it is auctualy almost off.. Still it was running decent had an idle problem but just was only doing 35 I would guess ... but today I had a hard time starting it and keeping it running so I played around witht he jet and the idle mixture screw and ended up running like a brand new ped(exception of it not idling) it ran 41 mph!!! And it was a strong 41... tough all the way through.. no misses no gugrgling.. surges sputters nothing.. Thats with a slightly cloggedExhuast pipe.. I can hear it hissing I also noticed smoke from around the beghing of the pipe on start up.. so I'm guessing if i unclog it i might hit 45... now that would be sweet!!!

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Congratulation duck, it's a beautiful ped, 41 that's awesome! I asked Paul to get me a picture of the Tomos beaten up and left hanging on the fence. It was like christ on the cross, very dramatic the more I thought of it. Ike sold a neighborhood kid a Targa so I spent this evening working on it with him, haven't gotten to clean up my new peds yet. I'm excited to pimp out the 103.

Re: 41 mph

yeah no doubt ... I have been thinking about it alot too... man thats a shame.. I would have killed for that thing a while back... I did make a post about it and I am probly going to go back up there soon and see if it still is there as well as talk to the owenr of the shop.

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Wow. I'm guessing I must have been away from the computer when you wrote to invite ME!

Thanks anyway though, I probably couldn't have made it. :o)


Re: 41 mph

You live by ike?

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ItsLookingUp /

No, Ike's in southern OH about 120 miles away. I'm in central KY

Transmission makes it a motorcycle

ItsLookingUp /

duck, I'm being told that the twist grip gear changer would make it a motorcycle in KY. If you get pulled over have a rag ready to throw over the grip!!! LOL I'm also wrong about the step-through frame being required in KY. For moped status in KY it can have a top tank. I'm heading out to work on the 103, will get pics soon. Haven't heard from Paul.

Re: Transmission makes it a motorcycle

Me either.. he doesn't really care about moped though.. he just in his words "flips" them.. I think he thinks there cool but anyone with 2 really nice ciao like that and a casal and the rizzotta that wsaa moped man wouldn't sell them for anything. I wont ever sell my casal.. no way in hell... now a little honda or that sears Cromag he had.. yeah those things would be out the door.. he was alright though..

owes me 5 bucks lol.. anyways..I'm loving it.. so glad its a two speed.. and I really now am starting to like the top tank.. tis very nice you got the puegeot running? How was the carb?

find me one yet? I might try and put a diffren't one on the 102 i have.. my girlfrined brother wants tot ake it to college with him.. so I might try and get it done soon.

Mopehead.. yeah would have loved for anouther mopeder to been along... we should do it agian sometime.. an atlanta meet seems like a good meeting point for some of us southerners.. lost to do there and nice streets to ride on.

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