Puch Questions !

I rebuilt a old BOMBARDIER/PUCH MAXI 1976 one speed.

I'm going to change the transmission oil, it is ATF or DEXTRON3 i put inside ???

I remove the magneto and the strator to clean it all.

I check all the wires, the lights work but i didn't have spark at the plug !

Do you think is the POINTS or the COIL ?

The coil is inside the magneto !!!!?????


Re: Puch Questions !

the coil is the black box at the end of the spark wire. make sure your points are opening and closin. the transmission is filled with type f transmission fluid

Re: Puch Questions !

Use Dextron 3 for the transmission fluid.

Type F

Type F tranny fluid.

Re: Type F

yes, use type f. Dextron is abrasive and isn't good for the clutch pads.

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