Sachs Bi-turbo

IT FITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a 2 peice tomos bi-turbo from Ike, and installed it on my sachs. I just slipped it on the sachs pipe, and used a peice of roof flashing as a shim. a peice of coke can would have worked. Just wrapped the flashing around the sachs pipe and slid the tomos pipe over it---- it fit tight.

I still need to drill a mounting hole in my muffler bracket. I ran around for about an hour tuning it. I just used a small pair of channel lock pliers to hold it together temporarily.

The speed picked up quite a bit, especially mid range. I can go as fast as I used to at about 3/4 throttle.

Still need a speedo cable to tell for sure-- Looks like I'm going to give handybikes a call.

I'll post pictures tommorow.

Re: Sachs Bi-turbo

....sweet...are you running the 11.44 sprocket set up?...i just picked up my proma circuit today and put it on my eagle. i can't run it yet, im looking for an 11th sprocket, and just my luck, handy is out of stock right now, but im interested in how that bi turbo works for hell bent on making the eagle run please keep this thread up...

Sachs Bi-turbo pic

All you have to do to get the 11-tooth sprocket is wait. I put one in the mail to you on Wed. - along with a thick clutch plate.


Re: Sachs Bi-turbo pic

This is the clamp to the sachs pipe. Roof flashing wraped around the pipe as a shim.


Re: Sachs Bi-turbo pic

clearance between pedal and pipe


Re: Sachs Bi-turbo pic

The minimum clearance between the rear arm and the pipe when on the stand. This is as close as it could get, and it's still not touching-barely.

Re: Sachs Bi-turbo pic

This is my custom made spring loaded locking exhaust retention system, or SLLERS (vice grips). It will be replaced by a hole, and a nut and bolt.


Re: Sachs Bi-turbo pic

......pretty nice .....

Re: Sachs Bi-turbo pic

what did you notice a difference in when you put it on?

acceleration etc.....


glad to hear it

Re: cool

It accelerates a little better, off the line, but mid and high end are really improved. I was gaining on people on a 30 MPH road. I need to fix my speedomoter, and figure out some numbers for everyone.

Re: cool

Matt Wilson /


I like the way you work! The vice grips as a clamp was a awsome idea.

I'm still waiting for my rings from handy bikes... maybe today?

I noticed that you don't have the air filter cover on your bike, did you have to adjust your carb when you went to the BT? I know your carb is from a lawnmower.

I'll let you know how mine goes.


Re: cool

I had to adjust the idle and the high end- which would mean that I'd have to re-jet If I had a normal carb. The air filter is another lawn mower item- my craftsman one was pretty restrictive, so, I just zip-tied that one to it. It needs a new one, because that one was so soaked with oil, it wouldn't flow.

Right now I'm running w/o a filter(really stupid in this area- we have dust storms), untill I get to the store and find a nice, big one.

I wonder if there is an itty-bitty K&N I could find. Possibly off of a mosquito scooter or something.

Next project will probably be a PVC pipe ram-air set up made out of a sink trap and a funnel.

Re: cool

Matt Wilson / has themunder performacne parts, puch, maxi, airfilter. It should fit on your carb, and only costs $8.

I bought one for my maxi, but I haven't jetted it yet.

>>I wonder if there is an itty-bitty K&N I could find. Possibly

>>off of a mosquito scooter or something

And I don't know anything about the air ram effect, but I asked fred and he said it would make no difference until 90mph.

And if it did make a difference it would lean your bike out the faster you went. Sounds like a recipe for a seizure to me!

Good luck.


Re: cool

The ram air is a joke.

I do have a set up on my car like that, used 4"flexible drainage pipe. It helps a bit with mileage. 24 instead of 20 on the highway...the Buick needs all the help it can get.

I'll check for's filters.



Re: cool

....i got the gear mike...thanks

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