Honda NC50 Express

mike Hierholzer /

Would like some feedback on what is causing this problem. I have a 83 Express and the starting system will freeze up.

The starting system is not the spring wound version but rather the more conventional motorcycle style.

Anyway, when cranking it, the engine will spin over [and run to] but then will seize to a stop. I removed the LCover and am able to spin the flywheel in reverse and forward so the piston is definitely not seizing up.

Furthermore, when rotating the crankshaft the correct direction [clockwise when viewd from the left side], it will about 1 or 2 turns before locking up. I haven't removed the drive wheel clutch assembly but I can't tell that anything is locking up in that area.

My luck it is a crankshaft bearing but it doesn't feel or sound like that. It only has 1021 miles on it.


Mike H

RE: Honda NC50 Express

could be the clutch locking up... is it a dry clutch or a wet clutch?

RE: Honda NC50 Express

Actually, I found out the problem. On the right side of the engine is the AC generator flywheel. The woodruff key had sheared due to the nut being loose which held the flywheel generator to the crankshaft.

End result was the flywheel generator was locking up agains the ignition module.

I ordered a new woodruff key [$4.25], should be back in business this weekend.

RE: Honda NC50 Express

Ron Brown /


Make sure you clean up thr shaft and the inside of the flywheel so that they fit together tightly or you will be doing it again in a few days.

If the shaft is a little damaged, you might want to use a Loctite product to help fill the gaps.


RE: Honda NC50 Express

cyber freak /

What kind of oil does it use? is it 2 cycle?

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