good news :)

i ''borrowed'' the rear wheel off my brothers moped....i was just gonna take it at first, but since his ped isnt running i asked. he let me use it. and hes goin on vacation in maine for a week so...i get 2 ride more :) my ped goes ALOT faster than i can keep up with the cars in the 40mph zones :) and i can go up much more hills. the BiTurbo adds alot


---im goin out riding :) wow it feels good 2 be able 2 do that....its been a good month

Re: good news :)

mikeconsig /

sounds good. Good thing you posted that. More ppl need to post good news instead of just help with their peds.

Re: good news :)

david f martin /

Glad to hear you're riding again... Have you got a line on a new wheel yet? Your brother's gonna want his back, eventually...


Re: good news :)

lol no i havnt got the wheel yet, and ya he will probly want it back....but if he cant get the other moped running :) he wont need it


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