simon another computer question

is it possible for me 2 download the pictures onto my other computer (which only has windows ME) and then put that on a floppy? if i can how?


Re: simon another computer question

nevermind...gave up on the digital camera...again. im just gonna take a regular pic of it and scan it...and yes, my scanner DOES work.....i think?

Re: simon another computer question

InfectedBootSector /

What kind of connection does your digital camera use?

Do you have the camera's software(drivers) installed on the computer with ME on it?

If the camera has a USB data port on it, it will work on the ME machine with no problem, but you may need some drivers to make it work.

One the camera does work, your computer should be able to see the storage on the camera as another "drive" and you can then manipulate the files just as you would on a hard disc or a floppy...

What brand/model is the camera?

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