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I'm in the market for a metro. Being a student at University Wisconsin (huge campus and very cold in winter) I need it to be reliable year round.

I like the 4 stroke cause i feel it'll have a better chance of starting in the sub-zero winter.

The only thing that bothers me is that it is liquid cooled, non-usa sites refer to it as water cooled. (translation problem?)

Is this friggen "water" gonna freeze causing it not to start or cause damaged in the winter????

I assume Honda would stick some sort of anti-freeze in it, but ya never know.

Re: Liquid Cooled

If it has a liquid cooling system, it will contain anti-freeze.

I'd worry about the battery freezing.


Re: Liquid Cooled

InfectedBootSector /

Just bought one... I'm going to pick it up tomorrow.. Seems to be a pretty popular Machine, probably due to the price...


water cooled/liquid cooled usually mean the same thing... comes from the days in europe when a lot of cars were air cooled ( VW ) and switched to water cooled engines....

Anyway, the motor will have antifreeze in it, as not only does it keep the water from freezing, but is also is good at keep the radiator from rusting out on you.

Let me know how ya like it!

Re: Liquid Cooled

Also see what the dealer says about what weight oil to use in the crankcase during winter months and as Jim C suggested keep the battery charged or make sure it also has a kick starter.

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