Screws from Home Depot ?

Noticed a couple of the screws that are supposed to hold the mudguards and shields on are missing.

What size should I get when I go to Home Depot?


Re: Screws from Home Depot ?

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Re: Screws from Home Depot ?

Always bring one in with you. It's probably metric. The cool thing is, if they are well stocked, you can change stuff over to allen head, phillips, or flat head, If you want.

I've found that usually Lowe's is a little better stocked, for metric items---If you have one around.

Re: Screws from Home Depot ?

Mbartell, Just curious, have you ever heard of a robertson screw. It's a Canadian screw and was never sold in the U.S.This thing is amazing.I think you told me you were in Quebec so maybe you know of it. bruce

Re: Screws from Home Depot ?

Is that the one that is like a phillips, but it square on the head?

I have some of those, and a driver for them. They sell them as security screws here. I picked them up in montreal. It was cool, a box of screws, nuts and washers all in one package.

Re: Screws from Home Depot ?

That's them !They were invented by a guy named Robertson back 80 or 100 years ago and he would never settle a deal to have them sold in the U.S. They are great , the heads never strip, the screw sticks in the driver and you can get lots of torque on them.bruce

Re: Screws from Home Depot ?

They are really good. I've got some of them holding my licenes plate on. You can only special order the screws around here, and what's weird, some of the driver bit sets for the electric screwdrivers and drills come with a few diffrent sizes of bits for them. Just a further or parallel development of the "phillips-head saftey screw" --- Too many people were slashing themselves or their work with flatheads.

I'm still partial to allen heads. I'm just lucky that I've never had to mess with those weird metric sized ones, like 5.7mm or what ever those ones that don't fit anything are.

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