Lesson learned

I started to hear a funny sound from my moped ('00 Kinetic Magnum)--near the variator. Well, I was stupid enough to ignore it until it broke down on my way to work. But I wasn't too far from home and was able to pedal it home.

I checked it out and it turns out that one half of the pulley (not the half that is the back part of the variator) somehow got caught in the metal casing over the flywheel and it broke. Naturally, Cosmo does not have that particular part in stock, but will be sending it as soon as possible.

Here is my advice:

Listen to your moped. If anything sounds out of the ordinary, CHECK IT OUT RIGHT AWAY.

I learned this the hard way, and have been without my wheels for almost 2 months.

Woe is me. )-:

Re: Lesson learned


I am sorry to hear about your problem, and i know this will not be of any help, but the first question anyone should ask when buying a new ped, no matter what brand is: Can i get parts for this?? No matter how low the price, parts availabilty is the key reason to buy or not to buy!


Re: Lesson learned

that really sucks, peggy. i hope you get the part as soon as possible. i've also learned to pay close attention to the sounds my moped makes. also, i've learned to keep a few parts around just in case i need them.

Re: Lesson learned

On a Vespa Grande, there is a collar spacer that goes on the drive shaft and then the variator (speed regulator). This moves the back half of the pulley slightly out away from the flywheel so it doesn't rub or catch. I think i have an exploded view of a Kinetic Magnum and I'll see if it is supposed to have that part.

If you can't get a part, a Grande variator may work, I know the rear clutch is interchangeable so maybe the same for the front

Re: I may have one

I may have an extra front pulley from a Grande around here.

I'll have to look, but it's a possibility.


Re: I looked, Peggy

Didn't find it. I thought one came with an engine I bought a while back.



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