Lubricate Speedo Cable ?


do I need to apply any lubrication to the speedometer cable at either end?


drip some oil or WD-40 down the cable?


1991 TOMOS A3 50 Golden Bullet TT-LX

Re: Lubricate Speedo Cable ?

InfectedBootSector /

Use graphite... not as messy and it lasts longer.

Re: What I do

I pull the cable out the top, then clean it.

When reinserting, I put light grease on it as it goes back in.

Unscrew the bottom connection and see that the cable's end comes out. Engage it properly into the drive mechanism.

Carefully screw the other end into the speedo, and that's it.


What are the symptoms of not doing this?

My speedometer needle actually drops and then jumps around all over the place when I exceed 30 mph (indicated.) Is this because it needs cleaning?

Re: What are the symptoms of not doing this?

Probaly the cable needs lube and the speedo mechanism also. Don't put oil in the speedo mechanism, it can run out on to the face plate. use powdered graphite inside the speedo mechanism.

Your speedo jumping around when you hit 30 mph could also be caused by breaking the sound barrier or jumping to Warp speed.


I hadn't thought about the jump to Warp. I'll check the plasma relays and adjust the matter/anti-matter intermix.

Actually, this explains a lot. They say that time passes more and more slowly as one approaches the speed of light. Maybe it goes backwards when one exceeds the speed of light. This would explain the overwhelming rush of juvenile euphoria I experience whenever I pilot my craft.


Yes........ Yes i have experienced this "euphoria" az you call it in the past will hitting the jump to 30 rushing down a worm hole, why just tonite i went riding and my sdeedo cable disengaged from the front tire assembley

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