Re: Casey , here is the ride info

Ike! thanks! i should almost definitely be able to make it!

my friend adam and i took that route on our scooters saturday morning... it was a super nice ride.. and augusta was a pretty cute little town. we ate lunch at the "general store" and checked out a couple antique shops then headed across the ferry and back Rt. 52.

we accidentally ended up on I-275 though! imagine going 55 mph with semis passing you.. on 10" tires! haha..

ill be in touch.

Re: Casey , here is the ride info

InfectedBootSector /


I think I may be able to get the time off! The problem is, I think I have to go to Niagra Falls that Sunday, so I am trying to get out of that.

I still have to figure out how to get the scooter down there, as I only have a car and no hitch on it to pull a small trailor. The Puch would fit in the trunk, but its not running right and I still havn't broken it in.

Still workin on it!

Re: Casey , here is the ride info


Hey ! that would be great!! What about a U-HAUL trailer? You can rent a hitch too!

Do you have a friend with a pick up you could borrow!! Bring something big enough to take that Spree back with ya for your girlfriend!! Bring her with ya!!

Keep on this, and figure something out!! I would like to meet ya in person, and i think it would be a great time??

Hope you can make it!!


Re: Needed! A few good men...and woemen!!

ItsLookingUp /

Have you got a rough count on how many are committed to the ride? You know I'm coming!

2 More WEEKS! Til the.......

the first annual IkesBikes ride!! Yes boys and girls!, you only have 2 weeks to get them bikes tuned up and your transmission fluuid changed/checked (especially you, Mike-O!!!! lol!!) 80 miles is a pretty serious ride, so get them bikes in tip top shape and i think we will have a great time!!!

Tomos U.S.A. called me yesterday with some great news!!

I will have a very exciting announcement to make the day of the ride!!! So anyone that shows up for the ride will be the first to get this news!! So, if you want to be able to say you "heared it here first" just show up and go on the ride!!!

So far, i am guessing we will have 10 to 15 riders! But that number could go up or down? I hope it goes up, but whatever the number , i think we will have a great time!!

I am very much looking forward to meeting each and every one that shows up!!

Just one slight problem..

Reeperette /

No one seems to be goin that way from Michigan with a pickup or light truck....ergo, doesn't look like I shall be making it.

If that changes tho, lemme know asap.


Re: Needed! A few good men...and woemen!!

onfire4Him /

My husband and I would love to come, if our mopeds run by then... however it seems likely we'll be one of the ones that break down, the way things have been going with our peds.


Re: Needed! A few good men...and woemen!!

Well, don`t let that possibilty scare you off! A break down could happed to any one of us, but we will deal with that if it happens?

Anothe thing, i have some new bikes, i always welcome trade -ins!!! HAAA!


Just 4 more days!!!

Hey, guys and gals,

The big ride is only 4 days away!! Looks like the weather is going to be great!! So, get them bikes tuned up and ready for a great trip!!

Don-O called me last night and said he is ready to go, but 80 miles is a little short for him!! lol!! Don is the "King of the long haulers" 80 miles is nothing to him!

I hope all of you guys and gals can make it? Iknow we will have a great time, so just show up here befor 10:00 am Saturday! E-MAIL me or call 937-446-2115 for directions!



Re: Just 4 more days!!!

Are you going to be able to ride?

Re: Just 4 more days!!!


No....not on a moped. But the ride is still on!!! Hope you can make it??


Re: Just 4 more days!!!

but are you riding....

Re: Just 4 more days!!!


I am going on the ride. I will be in the recue vehicle...if needed?

2 days til the big ride!

Ok guys n gals, its only 2 more days until my first annual ride!!

Its decision time!! Don`t tell me 80 miles is really gonna separate the men from the boys?? Don-o is laughing at me for only going 80 miles!! He said 80 miles is a joke!!!

So, i wanna see all of ya Sturday morning! Be there!!!


Re: 2 days til the big ride!

good luck every1 thats goin :)

Re: 2 days til the big ride!

Thanks Dave!

Re: 2 days til the big ride!

im goin and im from maine

Re: Needed! A few good men...and woemen!!

just kidding

Re: Maybe in a year or 2

I am only 17 and I'm just on the brink of convincing my dad to let me have a moped. He still thinks bikes are better for you :( Also I doubt my parents would let me make the trip to Ohio from Chicago by myself or with one of my friends.\


Peds and Datsun Z's rule! (although I've never personally owned either myself)

It`s no too late..........

to go on my big ride!! We are leaving at 10:00 am Saturday!! Just a few hours befor bast off!! You can still make it!! Call me if you need directions?? 937-446-2115. Dont worry about the weather , it will be ok!!

See ya in the morning!!!


Re: It`s no too late..........

I'm excited about meeting everyone for the ride. The ped is topped off and strapped in the van, I've gathered an assortment of tools and my helmet. Ike, I hope to arrive in time to install the mirror and turn signal before the ride. I'm leaving at 6:30 a.m., it's 110 miles and mapquest says to allow 2 hours and 20 minutes. I'll be coming up US-68 and turning left onto Hamer Rd. I will find you.

Before I leave, I hope to score:

a slit brake cable adjuster

a petcock for a 103 (although cleaning the van I found the one duck gifted me)

maybe the electronics to finish converting a '84 Silver Bullet to CDI

But mostly a good time! See everyone in the morning!

Re: It`s no too late..........


Turn RIGHT on Hamer Rd!!!!!!


Re: It`s no too late..........

ItsLookingUp /

North bound on US 68 turn right... got it. Thanks!!

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