60cc or 70cc & a carb too?

Though I have no intention of upgrading to a larger size engine yet.

Atleast not until I get done with a dozen other things I have to do.

See that both 60cc and 70cc kits are available.

Why upgrade only 10 instead of 20?

And, do you HAVE to upgrade the carb too?

Will the original carb be able to handle the demands of a larger engine?



Re: 60cc or 70cc & a carb too?

as long as yhou rejet sufficiently, the carb can handle it. depending on the kit, some 60cc kits make more power than the 70cc counterparts.

Re: 60cc or 70cc & a carb too?

Where can I find information on sufficiently rejetting a carb? Don't know what that means.


Re: 60cc or 70cc & a carb too?

you buy a bigger jet, open up the carb, and replace the stock one. this feeds more fuel to the bigger engine. talk to other people with the kits and the same bike you have, and find out what jet they are running. After you get that information, order jets in a range around the jet they are using.

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