A3 and A35 Tomos Engine

I have an A3 top end of the engine where the piston goes, and an A35 bottom half of the engine. I want to have a complete A35 engine, and I dont know how to take the A3 head off...

Please Help...


Head Removal.

Reeperette /

Get a spark plug wrench, and a ratchet with an 11mm deep socket on it.

Remove the spark plug with the plug wrench, and then remove the four nuts holding the top end on, in an X pattern.

Then it just slides right off.

Removing the spark plug first is technically optional, but it's safer since there's no risk of hittin it with the ratchet....also gives you more room to spin the ratchet.

Puttin a new one on, is a similar process but much more difficult cause you have to line the piston up, line the rings up on the piston, and then squeeze em tight as you slide it on...generally also reccommended is smothering the works in two-stroke oil when you put the new head on.

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Re: Head Removal.

o what Viet really meant is that he wants to remove the piece below the head.

Re: Head Removal.

Uhhhh- that IS what he described. The cylinder is held on along with the head. If you just take the head off you don't need to mess with the rings.

Ree- wern't you working on something like this- like the A35 head and cylinder on a a3 tranny?

How'd that work out?

Re: Head Removal.

Reeperette /

>>Ree- wern't you working on something like this- like the A35 head and cylinder on a a3 tranny?

How'd that work out?<<

Works just friggin fine, if I could only get it through to some of these parts shops that there IS an A3 piston with 12mm pin.

The Bushing at the crankarm top is worn too, so I either need a proper bushing for the piston I have with 10mm pin, or a new, proper size bushing and an A3 piston with 12mm pin.

I have an A5 Piston in there with one ring on it, but it's pretty crummy and doesn't have enough compression to run - that and the cylinders in real nice shape and I don't wanna screw it up.

But it works only one way efficiently....cause apparently the piston is an additional transfer port of some type in the A5 heads, which is why it has those two oval holes in it.

In a pinch tho, you can swap out either way and it works well enough.



Re: Head Removal.

chuck russo va /


i told u how to do the swap via aim about 4 or 5 days ago i spent like 10 or 15 min telling you how to do it...

Re: Head Removal.

i got it off for him, no worries

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