anyone have one, i hear they are good for taller, heavier riders... any performance part avalable for avanti's?


there is a performance pipe made by polini, mopedwarehouse.com has it. avantis are the biggest mopeds out there, i have a cosmo stinger (rebadged avanti super sport) its the same size as my friends honda cb125 motorcycle. i really love the thing, fastest 'ped ive ever owned, if i were you, id get a super sport or an autopower, i think the kobra is only a 1 speed, the autopower and super sport are 2 speeds. avantis are great bikes, i love mine.



The last I knew, the Kobra could be bought in a few different configurations, 2 speed with pedals, 3 speed manual, and 2 speed with kick start. It is the same engine as the Autopower and the supersport and it comes with turn signals and 2 mirrors standard and a nicer seat. I like my Autopower very much, but if I had the choice again I'd get the Kobra with kick start....Ken D


The Mont is the 1 speed Avanti and I hear it is awful slow on the pickup.

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