Tomos Signal lights again

As I mentioned before I know just enough about wiring to be dangerous... I replaced the flasher unit with one I got from an automotive store (Canadian tire)

The original says 552 12V Wagner.

I got a 552 12V Tridon, labeled Standard Flasher, 2 terminal, up to 3 lamps turn signal

up to 6 lamps hazard warning.

So I attach the new unit and get the left signals to flash correctly. but when I switch it to the right the signals don't flash but the front and tail light begin to flash like a hazard light.

Actually a cool effect. I bet if I kept it like this people would finally notice me and stop trying to run me over. Doubt it.

So I figured I hooked it up incorrectly and switch the wires. Same thing left hand signals work right ones dont and headlight flashes instead.

Ok so now what. did I get the wrong kind of flasher unit or is it something else?

Re: Tomos Signal lights again

david f martin /

Put it back the way you first had it (left signals working properly), then check the bulbs on the right side.


reversed wires

reverse each of the blinkers on that sides wires one blinker at a time, same thing happened on my tomos, drove me nuts for about a month till i finally did that.

like, flip the wires around on the front one on that side, if it dosent help, put them back, then reverse the ones on the rear, if it STILL dosent help, reverse them on both.


Re: reversed wires

Ah Brilliant. turns out I just flipped the back right one and everything is shinny, blinking and bright again.

To bad no one ever pays attention to the signals.

Ah well at least I know they work again.

thanks for everyones help


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