Bi-Turbo exhaust Question

I have an 81 garelli super sport, I experiment whith different ways to get more power out of the ped I have 3 supper sprts, thi is the second 1 i working on, Could I use a tomos bi turbo exhaust on it. If all the gaskets bolt lengths, and bolt patterns are the same Would it work. When sitting on my bike the exhaust runs ot the left hand side, Would I mater if it ran out the right, there isnt anything in the way. the cylinder is strait from the tranny its not on an angle. can any one give me measurements, and I will get back to you. I am using the stock carb, how much power and speed am I looking at with increase due to this exhaust? Tomos and puch have biturbos, why cant other peds, this seems like a great exhaust , now only if we can put it on other peds, any help is greatly apreciated. ThANKS!!

Re: Bi-Turbo exhaust Question

i'm not sure if a biturbo will work on a garelli ... performance exhausts are custom made for the cylinder and frame of the bike they go on.

but ... there are several other performance exhausts out there. i have a polini custom exhaust on my bianchi. my friend dan has a leo vinci on his carabela. both are minarelli engine mopeds. i know that malaguti makes performance exhausts, too. at least for vespa.

i don't see why you couldn't get a polini or something for the garelli. see if anyone else can tell you where to get one. i think some people here know more about that.

Re: Bi-Turbo exhaust Question

What engine does your Garelli have? Looking at the photos in the website, it appears that it might be a Minarelli, but I can't tell for sure.

If so, you can also get a Giannelli performance exhaust (I just did.) I have a contact in Italy who seems to be pretty skilled at finding parts for old mopeds. If you're interested, contact me directly.


Re: Bi-Turbo exhaust Question

if it's a garelli, then it has a garelli engine.

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