Big bore qeustion

peashooter /

I realise getting a big bore kit will screw over your bike(bike isnt ment to take that kind of power). But if i only rode the bike at normal speeds most of the time. Would that make it not wear out the bike as fast?

Also, What is a better bike, a puch magnum, or puch maxi. In terms of speed. I like how the magnum's look better than the maxi's. And magnums seem like they go faster too. Oh, and do all of the puch performance parts fit onto a magnum?

Re: Big bore qeustion

i think that all puchs are good...hard 2 chose which is better. im sure all performance parts would work on a magnum, u would just have to modify the would be easier to put parts on a maxi....

Re: Big bore qeustion

Kevin Harrell /

If you are only going to ride at normal speeds most of the time why bother with the big bore kit? You may be able to increase your power enough above stock with less drastic modifications, such as a tuned pipe etc.

On the other hand, if you want it get it. But you must realize that once you have the extra power you will use it. As often as you possibly can, you will not be able to resist the temptation. I know that I would not be able to.

Re: Big bore qeustion

how badly does the bigger engine wear out the bike?

Re: Big bore qeustion

XBrandon EdgeX /

I would imagine that the magnum is heavier than a maxi, so I'd go with a maxi. Maxi parts will work on a magnum, as long as you get a maxi cylinder or aftermarket big bore cylinder. The crancase/transmission part is all the same (exept for the oil injection on two speed magnums.) The magnum's stock cylinder has an angled exhaust port, so aftermarket maxi exhaust systems won't bolt up. For a stock bike, a Magnum MKII is probably the fastest (MKII's are two speed bikes.)

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