Am making a crate, is this an ok idea!

I have to ship my moped to New Orleans and no local shops have any crates to spare so I have to make one. The only pic of one that I can find is from this site!

bike shipping crates

I didn't go to the link ... but you might go to an industrial area and check their dumpsters and grab a crate out and adapt it.

It might save you a bunch of time and money.

Or motorcycle dealers throw out their old bike crates.

Re: bike shipping crates

I have shipped out several peds all you need is 3 sheets of 4x8 1/2 inch osb about 6 $ each and some 2x 4's and buils a crate to fit the ped use 1 sheet cut in hald for the top and bottom of the crate and use the other 2 sheets for the sides just make the height and length according to your ped.

Re: bike shipping crates

Thank You

Re: bike shipping crates

I would suggest that you try to use a pallet or build it up on little "feet" like 2x4 blocks since someone somewhere will try to use a forklift on it and if it's flat on the ground w/ no space for the forks they wont be pleased. This will lead to you not being pleased. Also if you insure it the carrier will be more careful with the ped. Good luck!-Jim

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