Pegs on a moped?

mikeconsig /

Someone suggested I put pegs on the back, just so some1 else could ride on it. Offroad only of course. any suggestions?

Re: Pegs on a moped?

I used to have pegs on my '89 Trac Blitz, and when I rode my friends on the back, it was really slow. I would think that if you're riding your friend on the back going offroading, I think that the moped would go slower, because of bumps, and the weight. Some mopeds aren't made for two people, but my friends do it anyway. I wouldn't put pegs on the back, because then your friends would start asking you for rides, and I think that giving your friends rides, would be a pain in the ass.

I used to go offroading with my moped (with no one on the back) and it made my tire swell in on spot, and it ruined my friends. Maybe its because we are bad drivers, but I don't ride my moped offroad, unless I am going through someone's yard.

I don't know if that helps any, but I tried...


Re: Pegs on a moped?

InfectedBootSector /

Yeah... Its generally NOT a good idea to ride a road bike off road...

You will at the least, damage your tires, rims, and shocks, and could crack your frame!

What a waste that would be.

Keep the pegs off the bike as well! Most mopeds are not built to handle the extra weight of a person on the rear shocks....

Re: Pegs on a moped?

Matter of fact I think it would be best to ride one "designed" for 2 people by yourself... Extra power, and stiffer springs.

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