Getting new ped need peoples advice..

I need an everyday drvier should I get a hero magestic, avanti, hero puch, or tomos.. and which model of what, i am 6 foot 2 and a little over 200 pounds.. help me out thanks

Re: Getting new ped need peoples advice..

you may also consider an older model, if you can find one. a puch moped of any type should be reliable, as well as anything w/ a minarelli engine. also sachs. if it runs and is in good shape, you'll save yourself some money.

i've heard good/bad things about all of the new mopeds. i don't think they're quite as good workmanship as the 70s models. also, some people have complained that you have to go over them carefully to make sure all the bolts are tight and such at first. then again, that's probably what it was like w/ the original 70s mopeds (i'm guessing the beauties that are still on the road were the cream of the crop, not the norm).

shop around, find something you like and would feel comfortable working on. but of all the brands you listed, i'd trust tomos first.

Re: Getting new ped need peoples advice..

Kevin Harrell /

I have a Tomos top tank with the A35 engine (almost identical to the targa.) I am six foot one and really really close to 200 pounds. It pushes me down the road at 30mph on a flat road, this is what I believe the speed it is rated at. The bike fits OK and is not aquard unless there is a need to pedal it.

Re: Getting new ped need peoples advice..

i 2 think you should go with an older model puch. there the most reliable and the parts are easy to find.

Re: Getting new ped need peoples advice..

I have owned/still own french (Motobecane) and Italian (Snark & Garelli) mopeds, and I personally prefer the Italian made bikes over the french ones. I cannot speak for the german made models (like Puch), but I had friends in the '70's who really loved them. They are generally easier to work on and less problematic. I have always liked the smooth performance of the Minarelli engine, and the easy to work on Dellorto carbs generally found on the older Italian mopeds like the Garelli.

If you can, try an Avanti

The Avantis are a lot bigger bikes than the normal mopeds and you may feel a lot more comfortable, due to you size. They are also very solidly built, without plastic parts. No matter what you decide, when you get it, go over it carefully and make sure it is service properly before you ride it. We don't want to have another complainer like Frank. Good luck...Ken D

Re: If you can, try an Avanti

larry ... can you post a pic of your snark? i have a bianchi-snark also and would like to know what model/year you have. they are very rare and yet so posh!

Re: Getting new ped need peoples advice..


Sounds like you need a new Tomos Revival!! And IkesBikes is the place to get it!! WWW.IKESBIKES.COM


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