I've been unfaithful

Yesterday one of my brothers friends came by with a new scooter, I don't know the brand, it was one of those retro looking deals....anyway I took it for a spin and.....well....I.....I enjoyed it ok I said it, it was fun, the thing did 40 mph! no riding on the side of the road waving traffic by. The only thing I could think to do to curb my guilt soul was to go home and bid on a moped on ebay, a real nice one that I could never afford and would have to drive cross country to pick up....

Re: I've been unfaithful

InfectedBootSector /

My brother! Many of us have commited the sin of coveting a snail!

I myself have be damned by purchasing a Honda Metropolitan! What fun it shall be!!!!!

To repent, 5 Hail Puchs and toss some 2 stroke mix over your shoulder, and we shall forgive!

Re: I've been unfaithful

Russ... I got a scooter that's "race-ready" liquid cooled 50cc bike. It does 50 on level ground, 60 downhill.

I still love the mopeds, and will keep repairing them so I can sell 'em and get more people on mopeds.

You know what? even on my brand new 2600$ scooter, that accelerates fast and looks like gundam mobile armor, some guy (Yesterday) tried to run me off the road and shouted some really rude comments...

I don't think people in maine like the 50cc bikes. Russ--? Your thoughts?

You said you have a friend you ride with....(mopeds) Monkey and I go out on the QT-50's all the time, so it's a matter of planning ahead and connecting. waynebroderick@hotmail.com

We'll plan, and have what could be the first 'swarm' in Maine since the 1970's. Cool.

Russ, do you repair your own brakes? I need to do both QT's, and I know you have an express. Was wondering if you did the brakes on those-- the machines look really similar.

We ride the mopeds around videotaping and interviewing people... or video the cops at night-- they seem to hate this....?!


Re: I've been unfaithful

wayne I think the people in maine just don't know what to think of the small bikes, I know a lot of people I see and talk to while Im ridinf my ped say how cool it is or how they would like to have one...but I did have a 14 year old kid tell me to get a really car ( he was riding in his moms mini van)

as for the brakes i'm sure it wouldn't be a hard job, I haven't changed them on the express but I did on my suzuki and that was pretty easy

I'm going to email you my phone# so you can call me next time you go riding I still need to get the lights working on the honda, but my peugeots headlight works and the suzukis lights work fine also...

my wife and my friend sam and I go riding a lot, it helps that I work at home so if the weather is nice we take a business moped ride.

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