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What are the main differences between the various Mobylette models of the late '70's. I was recently given a Mobylette 40 and was curious about how it differs from a 50 or 50V. Thanks.

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I may be wrong, but if memory serves, the Moby 40 was a lighter bike than the Moby 50. I think it had a painted luggage rack, a rear chrome fender (versus a painted one on the Moby 50) and not as much chrome trim as the Moby 50. I don't think there was much of a difference in their engines. I owned (and now own again) a brand new orange 50L in 1977. It was one of the first mopeds in the town where I grew up in NJ. I sold it in 1978 to buy a black/gold Garelli Gran Sport LTD.

Re: Mobylette Models

I'm pretty sure that the 40's don't have rear shocks. Some of them also didn't have speedometers. They were the more affordable version of the 50. Most of the parts are interchangeable.

They came in three different speed versions the same as the 50.


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